Institutional Policy: E-37

Merit Pay Determination for First Year Faculty
December 14, 2005

E 37-1. Authority


WV Code §18B-1-6 and §18B-8-5


WV CSR §133-4

E 37-2. Introduction

West Virginia Code §18B-8-5 provides for evaluation of faculty members in December of each year, and permits use of these evaluations of work performed during the previous fiscal/academic year to determine their eligibility for merit pay during the current year.  However, newly hired faculty members are automatically excluded from this process because they have not been employed and evaluated during the preceding year.  Therefore, this process is to establish a process for first year faculty members to be evaluated and to become eligible for merit pay in their initial year of employment at WVSOM.

E 37-3. Evaluation of First-Year Faculty Members 

New faculty members will be evaluated in their first year of employment as follows:


New faculty members will work with the division chair to establish goals and objectives in each of the three evaluation areas as specified in the Faculty Handbook as soon as feasible after becoming employed at WVSOM.


The first year evaluation of new faculty members will occur in December, using the timeline described in the Faculty Handbook. This evaluation will be a consideration of the faculty member’s goals and objectives and of progress toward these goals to date.  It is understood that this progress will be highly variable due to actual dates of employment and to significant variations in assignment for faculty in different disciplines or divisions.


Documentation for this evaluation will consist of a current curriculum vitae, the faculty member’s goals and objectives document, assessment of progress made on these goals to date, and a letter from the division chair supporting these goals and objectives.


For their first year of employment, faculty members will not be assigned merit pay numbers.  Instead, they will each receive a pay raise equal to the average merit pay raise given to faculty members in the division of which they are members for the academic year in which they are initially employed, prorated from the time they begin their initial contract.  Funds allocated to divisions will be adjusted accordingly.


Subsequent evaluation will be as for other faculty members.