Accepted & Incoming Students - FAQ

If you are currently prescribed any medications…

Incoming students who are currently being prescribed medication should be made aware that not all prescriptions can be filled in West Virginia if they were prescribed in another state. In the past, students running low on their prescribed medications were surprised to learn that they could not necessarily get it refilled in West Virginia.

This stressful situation can be best avoided by knowing if and where you can get your prescriptions filled. Please consult your doctor before orientation to discuss the best options on how to fill your prescription going forward.

WVSOM has academic and mental health resources available for you…

Academic Support and Intervention Resources (ASPIRE) offers academic support, as well as intervention and counseling services. Helping you cope with stress, adopt effective learning techniques and study habits, as administering psychological assessments are just a few of the ways we can help support you. Our support is free, confidential, and available to all WVSOM students.

ASPIRE is located in suite A420 on the 4th floor of the Quad building. To schedule an appointment with ASPIRE or for more information, contact us at (304) 647-6324.

WVSOM Students Abide by an Honor Pledge...

The preservation of order and discipline on a campus shall be the concern of all those who function within the campus community. Admission to WVSOM implies an agreement between the student and institution. The institution provides the opportunity to partake of its programs and privileges. The student agrees to comply with the policies, procedures, and regulations of WVSOM to protect those programs and privileges, and to consistently demonstrate the integrity and professional qualities deemed necessary for the continued study and practice of osteopathic medicine. 

During Orientation, students are required to sign an Honor Pledge in which they acknowledge that they are aware of the contents of the Academic and Professionalism Standards policy and that they pledge:

  1. To uphold the principles of academic integrity and professionalism expected of a student doctor and to not encourage nor assist others in violating these principles;
  2. That all work submitted including examinations will be my own and that I will not assist others in submitting work that is not their own; and
  3. That should I observe a violation of these guiding principles, I will report the violation to the appropriate Associate Dean.

Make sure you review all of the WVSOM Policies & Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does school start? 

The first day of the academic year for the Class of 2027 is scheduled for Monday, July 24, 2023. Students should anticipate being on campus by 7:30a.m. (EST). 

How do I use the WVSOM calendar?

(Including: When is the first test? When are mandatory classes? How can I sync the calendar to my phone?)

As applicants submit their second deposit to confirm attendance to WVSOM, an account is assigned that will allow access to technology resources. This account is presented to the incoming student on their Admissions applicant status page The account includes email and calendaring functions through the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based service. Information about this and more can be found on Student Technology Resources or reach out to the Helpdesk for assistance in troubleshooting issues which can be reached at 304-647-6246 Mon-Fri 8-4:30 pm.

New students may sync email and calendaring on their smartphones by adding their WVSOM network account, but it is highly recommended that the student follow WVSOM IT procedures for full functionality and access to important class information.

The incoming class has a schedule of courses, quizzes and exams maintained in the Microsoft Office 365 calendar. The class calendar will always be indicated by *Graduation Year Class Schedule (i.e. *2025 Class Schedule). The calendar events are color coded, with exam events appearing in black. Students must first add the calendar within their cloud-based email account under their Office 365 account.

For additional assistance please feel free to contact the IT Helpdesk or visit the IT email page.

I know that there are a number of forms that I need to complete. Where can I find those, & when are they due? 

All forms for admissions can be found on the Admissions site at Admitted Students: Next Steps.

What are the expectations concerning my WVSOM email?

All accepted applicants who submit their second deposit will be assigned an official WVSOM email account starting in early April. All correspondence with you will be made through your WVSOM email once it is assigned. Please start checking that email for information from WVSOM, including important information about starting medical school, orientation and your first course!

Incoming students are expected to maintain communications with WVSOM employees. Institutional policy ST-01 describes the responsibilities and procedures that govern this process​. 

Do I need Health Insurance? 

Health Insurance is mandatory for all our students until graduation. WVSOM has made arrangements with HSA Consulting for group health insurance. HSA will contact all incoming students in the late spring through their WVSOM email to sign up for insurance. Once contacted, you will be given information about the plan. 

IF YOU WISH TO WAIVE THE PLAN, YOU MUST DO SO BY THE DEADLINE, OR YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ENROLLED. You must have a comparable plan in place, as confirmed by HSA, in order for your waiver to be accepted. If your situation changes (i.e., you turn 26, etc.), you may be automatically enrolled for 2nd semester, if your waiver is not received by the deadline for 2nd semester.

Coverage for dependents is also available for additional cost. 

You will also need to upload your HSA Health Insurance Card (or your private health insurance card if HSA approved your waiver) to your Castle Branch account. 

PLEASE NOTE: Out-of-state Medicaid insurance is not an acceptable form of coverage to meet WVSOM requirements. 

Student Health Insurance Plan 

How can I learn more about Financial Aid, including the cost breakdown and information on scholarships and grants?  

The Office of Financial Aid is ready to assist you! 

What is the dress code for Orientation?

The dress code for Orientation will be business casual. Please review these articles for an overview of what constitutes business casual for women and men. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended, as students will be walking all around campus.

What do I need for the first week of class?

You will need some equipment, but you do not need to buy it before coming to campus. There will be an opportunity during Orientation for you to view and purchase equipment.

Specific clothing items are required for classes and labs:

  • Anatomy lab: Your first anatomy lab will take place at the end of August. Students are required to wear scrub tops and bottoms, and closed toe shoes with no holes. Shoes should be ones that you will be comfortable standing in for several hours.
  • Clinical Skills lab: All students are expected to dress appropriately. Men will need ties, and all students will need clothes that follow the WVSOM dress code found in the Student Handbook. Examples of unprofessional dress include denim, athletic shoes and revealing clothing.
  • OPP lab: The required dress for each lab is loose fitting scrub bottom pants and either a tee shirt or a scrub top. Females should wear sports bras. Tight pants, jeans, dresses and skirts are inappropriate lab attire.

What books will I need?

Each year, the WVSOM Campus Store will post the book list for the next school term beginning July 1, which is the date set by West Virginia Code. 

The book list will list the required and recommended titles set forth by the faculty for students on campus and those on rotations. The book list contains all pertinent information (title, edition, author, ISBN and WVSOM Campus Store pricing). 

As an incoming first year medical student, please wait until you can visit the store or talk with your peer mentor before purchasing textbooks.

Please visit the Campus Store for additional information.

What kind of computer will I be issued? Are there specific software programs that we will be using?

The Class of 2027 will be receiving a Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio with Windows 11 Professional 64 bit, including 16GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD hard drive, Wi-Fi, HD Graphics, and a 14.4” touchscreen.  Peripherals will include a Microsoft Surface Slim Pen, a Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse, a USB C Docking Station, headphones, a 32 GB USB flash drive, a notebook sleeve carrying bag, and a network cable for hard-wired connectivity.  These machines will have a four year warranty for damage, but all repairs must be coordinated through the IT Help Desk.  Any alterations to a device outside of the IT Help Desk will void the Microsoft warranty.   Students will be required to sign off on an acknowledgment that they are receiving this device and understand the requirements of Institutional Policy GA-31 

Applications that are pre-installed on the device includes the Office 365 Pro Plus suite, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, BioDigital, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Moodle link, eMedley link, ExamSoft, ScholarRx and a VMWare Horizon View client for student access to the Greenway Electronic Health Record Suite through a virtual desktop environment.  In addition, the IT Department maintains a Student Resource web page that gives training information and quick links to educational technology that students will be using.  Please refer to the IT Student Resources for more technology information on student software.

Who is my assigned peer mentor?

Incoming first year students are each assigned a second year student (OMSII) as a peer mentor. Second year students make themselves available to the new students to answer questions and generally assist in making the transition to medical school. Mentors are expected to contact their assigned mentees by July 10; if your mentor has not been in touch by that date, email Belinda Evans ( to let her know. 

Is there a map of the campus? 

Yes, here is a map of the WVSOM campus.

What is Lewisburg like? 

You can learn more about the Lewisburg area, including local shopping, restaurant, and hotel information, at the Greenbrier Valley Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. Airport and rental car information can be found on the Greenbrier Valley Airport website.

How do I register my child for public school?

To register your child for school in Greenbrier County please visit Greenbrier County Schools.

How can I find a daycare?

To find a list of local licensed daycares in Lewisburg, visit search listing provided by DHHR.

Who should I tell about my food allergy?

Shortly after Orientation, the Office of the Associate Dean for Pre-clinical Education will send out an email inviting you to disclose any food allergies to be included on a list maintained in their office. For additional assistance, call their office at (304) 647-6301.

What courses will we be completing each year? 

For additional information on the list of courses, please refer to the college catalog

Where can I find information on Statewide Campus, including 3rd & 4th year rotations? Board pass rates?  What about match rates?

Starting in your third year, you will be assigned to one of the Statewide Campus regions throughout the state. Please visit the WVSOM Statewide Campus

Match data, graduation data, and COMLEX National Boards pass rates 

You are also encouraged to visit the GME Department for additional more detailed information on match rates. 

Whom can I contact if I need more information? 

For additional information about student life at WVSOM, you may wish to review the Students section of the website  which includes helpful resources like the Student Handbook and details student life resources available to you at WVSOM.

If you have questions, Student Affairs is here to help! Call us at 304-647-6422 to speak with Belinda Evans, Director of Student Life.