Application Status

Applicants can view application status, monitor checklist items and access additional forms by clicking the link below.

Lost ID / PIN

Prospective Students who have lost the ID / PIN assigned to them may contact:

WVSOM Office of Admissions
(800) 356-7836, ext. 6827


Please review the current applicants FAQs before calling the Admissions Office.

Have you received my AACOMAS application?

You will receive an e-mail once your primary application is received at WVSOM. The e-mail will provide you with a link to the secure applicant sign-in page along with your ID and PIN number as well as other important information concerning the application process. Please keep this information for future reference!

What are the ID and PIN number used for?

By utilizing your ID and PIN number you can review your application status, retrieve various forms and view your checklist items on-line. It will allow you to monitor your application details at WVSOM.

How can I view information concerning my application status?

The link "Use your ID / PIN to check your status or view your online checklist”, displayed on the general Admissions page, will take you to the secure Admissions sign-in screen where you will be able to access two separate application areas:

  1. Application Status Area - for viewing your status and accessing forms
  2. Applicant Checklist Area - to monitor application materials (LoRs, etc.) received by our office.

What is the status page used for?

The status page indicates your current application status. It also provides various application forms, i.e. supplemental application, for your retrieval as you move forward in the application process. Following an acceptance, the status page is updated continually with information for incoming students. Be sure to monitor this page throughout the entire application cycle.

What is the checklist used for?

The checklist allows applicants to monitor their application material. When accessing the checklist with your ID and PIN combination, all items and forms required by the Admissions Office are listed along with the date each item was received.

Will I receive a supplemental application?

We have changed our process. In order to assist us in the review of your application, you are asked to complete a Supplemental Application.  Once your primary application from AACOMAS has arrived at our office, we will send an e-mail confirmation to you. The e-mail will contain your ID and PIN number, which will allow you to access your status page and the supplemental application.

Do I submit a fee with the supplemental application?

No. Only applicants who are invited for an interview will submit an application fee.

What is the committee looking for in competitive applicants?

Each application is reviewed considering a variety of factors:  While the average science GPA is 3.54 and total MCAT average is 502 , the committee will also look for osteopathic awareness, clinical experience, review of your personal statement and other areas of your application.

What is my status?

Please refer to your status page by visiting the Admissions tab on the WVSOM website. Note: Any changes in your application status will be communicated by e-mail.

My decision status shows as "decision deferred"- what does this mean?

The "decision deferred" status indicates a hold status. The Admissions Committee will periodically revisit files which were initially deferred. For example, your application may be placed on hold because we are awaiting official MCAT scores or fall grades. Your file could also be on hold if the committee is unable to reach a decision at the time of review. Any changes in your status will be communicated by e-mail.

Can I schedule an interview? When?

The decision to offer an interview will be determined by the Director of Admissions and the Assistant Director of Admissions after review of your application. This is an ongoing process from late August through April.  You will be notified by e-mail of the interview date and additional details.

Did you receive my supplemental application?

Once your supplemental application materials are received at our office your checklist will be updated accordingly. You will also receive an automatic e-mail once all your supplemental materials are submitted together.

How should letters of recommendation be submitted to WVSOM?

Letters of recommendation are accepted via AACOMAS, Interfolio, and by U.S. mail.  Any letters sent by mail must include original signature and should be printed on letterhead. Hand-delivered letters of recommendation cannot be accepted.

What is the requirement for letters of recommendation?

WVSOM requires two (2) letters of recommendation (additional recommendations are accepted):

  • Letter from a physician (MD or DO). A letter from an osteopathic is not required, but is strongly recommended.
  • Pre-med committee letter or any science faculty member who instructed you.

Have you received any letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation, if sent by U.S. mail, will be posted to your online checklist.  Any letters submitted via AACOMAS or Interfolio can be accessed and reviewed by our office. Letters are not printed or posted to your online checklist until you are officially invited for an interview.

When should I submit my letters of recommendation?

Please submit letters of recommendation as soon as possible to complete the review process of your application. 

Does WVSOM require a letter of recommendation from an osteopathic physician?

No a letter from an osteopathic physician (non-relative) is not required, but it is strongly recommended. Note: Letters of recommendation are verified. It will be helpful if your osteopathic physician provides, within the letter, the state in which they are licensed and their license number.

How can I locate a D.O. in my area?

You can access the AOA's directory of osteopathic physicians' website.

Following the interview: Has the Committee reviewed my file? When will I hear the results?

The Admissions Committee meets on a weekly basis to review all completed files. Notification is generally within two to three weeks. The decision will be posted on your status page and an official letter will be sent by U.S. mail.

Once I am accepted what are the amounts of the two deposits I need to send in?

The nonrefundable acceptance fee is applied to your first year's tuition and is paid in two deposits, in the following amounts:

  • Resident
    • First deposit $500.00
    • Second deposit $500.00
  • Non-Resident
    • First deposit $2,000.00
    • Second deposit $1,000.00

Did you receive my deposit (acceptance fee)?

An automatic e-mail is sent to you once your deposit is received at WVSOM. You may also refer to your online checklist.

How do I submit my Health and Technical Standards Form and my Student Health Immunization Verification Form?

On your applicant status page, you will find the Health and Technical Standards Form, as well as the Student Health Immunization Verification Form. These are 2 separate forms returned to WVSOM in different formats. Both forms require a visit to your doctor, so we wanted to make it convenient for you. The Health and Technical Standards Form is returned to the Admissions Office (either by you or directly by your doctor). The Student Health Immunization Verification Form (as well as your CPR Certification) will be uploaded by you to a document tracking system provided by Castle Branch.

How do I upload documents to my Castle Branch account?

In the spring, our IT department will assign all second deposited applicants an official WVSOM email account.  Admissions will contact you using your WVSOM email address with instructions on how to set up your account with Castle Branch and how to upload your Student Health Immunization Verification Form and CPR Certification. There will be a place for you to also upload the two signature pages for your Health and Technical Standards Form.  Both signature pages must be uploaded at the same time as one document.  If you have already sent your signature pages for your Health and Technical Standards Form to Admissions, we will upload the signature pages for you.  You will also be prompted to complete your background check.

Do I need Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is mandatory for all our students until graduation. 

View information on WVSOM Student Health Insurance Plan and waiver submission.

You will also need to upload your HSA Health Insurance Card (or your private health insurance card if you waived the HSA insurance) to your Castle Branch account.

Will I receive a WVSOM email?

All accepted applicants who pay their second deposit will be assigned an official WVSOM email around April. All correspondence with you will be made through your WVSOM email once it is assigned. Please start checking that email for information from WVSOM.

Do I need to submit transcripts to WVSOM?

ONLY if you have been accepted. The Admissions Office requires official transcripts from every institution you have attended. Any transcripts you have submitted to AACOMAS will be available to us, but a new transcript for any additional course work beyond your AACOMAS application or your final transcript conferring your degree after submission to AACOMAS must be submitted to us before you can matriculate as a student.

I was denied admission. Should I reapply and what can I do to improve my application?

Please contact the Admissions Office at 1-888-276-7836 to speak with an Admissions Counselor concerning ways to strengthen your application. 

I did not get an ID and PIN number or I don't remember receiving that information.

At times the ID and PIN e-mail sent to our applicants can end up in a SPAM folder or may be deleted inadvertently. If you cannot locate the information, you should contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-356-7836 ext. 6283. Note: If you have previously applied to WVSOM, you will use the same ID and PIN issued to you when you first applied.

Is it necessary to keep the ID and PIN number once my AACOMAS application is received by WVSOM?

Yes! The ID and PIN will be required to access necessary forms and to view your Online Checklist. Please retain the information for future reference. You will be issued only one ID and PIN number. You may also need this information should you become a student at WVSOM.

I would like housing information. What is available?

The local community fully supports the students at WVSOM by offering different types of housing (apartments, townhouses, homes, mobile homes, etc). A housing directory will be available after your acceptance at WVSOM.