"HS Mini Med Event"

High School Students

Interested in medical school? We can help.

Getting Started

Medical school can be a difficult process. This guide will give you a better understanding so that you can make better choices when navigating your journey to medical school. Use it as a reference to track personal progress and goals. Sharing this with your high school, college or WVSOM counselor will help them better assist you.

Basic Requirements for Admissions

  1. Complete 90 semester hours of credits from an accredited college or university. While the minimum requirement is 90 semester hours, the majority of candidates accepted for admission will have completed four or more years of preprofessional study.
  2. Complete credits (in semester hours or their equivalent) in each of the following:
  • English - 6 hours
  • Behavioral Sciences - 6 hours
  • Biochemistry - 3 hours
  • Biology/Zoology - 6 hours
  • Chemistry - 9 hours
  • Physics - 6 hours
  • Labs - 6 hours (must include at least 2 hours of biology lab and 4 hours of any combination of biology, chemistry or physics lab)

Anatomy Lab Tour

Limited dates throughout the year - call 304-647-6438 for availability

This program is intended to immerse students in multiple learning modalities in the WVSOM human anatomy laboratory facility. The program includes interactive stations throughout the lab where students can test their knowledge and engage with plastinations, models and embalmed specimens.


Undergraduate Student Programs and Opportunities