Alumni E-mail 

Q. Do I get to keep my WVSOM email account when I graduate?

Upon graduation all WVSOM graduates will be given a new alumni email account.  This account will have the same username as your student account, but will end in instead of Your password will also remain the same.

Q. How do I access my alumni email account?

Your alumni email account is accessible by going to and clicking on the Alumni Email link at the top of the page. The account is also accessible by going directly to the Microsoft site at As stated above, your username and password remain the same.

Q. Will I lose any of my existing emails when moving to the new alumni email account?

No. All emails in your student account carry over to the new alumni account.

Q. What happens if someone sends an email to my old student account?

The student email account forwards to the alumni account, so you will receive all emails. You should however, begin giving out your alumni account as soon as it is assigned to you.

Q. Will I still have access to my OneDrive account and Microsoft Office?

No. The alumni account does not include OneDrive or Office. All existing files are still available with read only access, but in order to edit them or create new ones you will need to purchase a license for Microsoft Office.


Q. What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online learning platform created to help facilitate learning over the Internet.

Q. How do I log in?

Your username is the first part of your email address (jsmith for and your password is your network password that you use to check your email, sign in to, etc.

Q. I cannot find a course/resource page that I am supposed to have access too.

Contact the administrator for the course/resource page and they will handle it from there.

Q. If I need help with Moodle, whom should I contact?

You can call or email the Helpdesk at 304-647-6246 

Office 365:  Academic Calendar/Email/OneDrive

Q. Where do I access my Office 365 account?

You can access your account via several links:

Q. How do I log into my Office 365 account?

Log in as with your current network password.

Q. How can I view the Academic Calendar?

Login to with your wvsom email, navigate to the calendars section using the icon on the left. and click "Add Calendar" a pop up window will appear, click "add from directory" on the left and type your class year calendar into the search.

Calendars are in the format YYYY Class Schedule.

This can also be achieved in the outlook application on your computer by navigating to the calendar section of outlook. Right click "My Calendars" and in the pop up window mouse over "Add Calendars" and then click "from Address Book..."

More information on adding directory calendars is available on Microsoft's support site. 

Q. How do I access saved files on my OneDrive?

Login to onedrive online. Or open the installed onedrive application on your desktop and verify you are signed in using your WVSOM credentials.

Q. What are the file limitations of OneDrive?
  • Total storage per user account:  1 TB
  • Total number of files:  30 million
  • Total number of files per folder:  150,000
  • Max file size:  15 GB

Password Change

Q. How do I reset my email/network password?

Use the self service password reset tool.

Student Laptop:  Hardware Troubleshooting

Many minor hardware issues are solvable by simply restarting your machine.  Always try this as the first step if a piece of hardware is not functioning as expected. 

Q. Why am I unable to disconnect my Surface Book from the base?
  1. Try closing all applications and attempting to detach again.
  2. Make sure the battery is not low. If it is, charge the computer to 40% and try again.
  3. Call or bring your machine by the Help Desk.
Q. Why is my laptop not charging?

The Surface Book has two batteries, one in the keyboard and a 2nd in the tablet itself. To determine which battery is not charging properly, undock your tablet and plug your AC adapter into the bottom of the tablet. If it begins to charge, then the port on the side of your keyboard is most likely bad. If the Surface does not charge when plugged into the tablet, then your AC adapter is most likely bad.

Q. How do I resolve my battery and/or AC adapter issue?

Both of these issues will require warranty replacemy by Microsoft.

Q. How many years of warranty does my Surface Book have?

The Surface Book comes with a 1 year warranty that covers all parts and peripherals, including the battery, AC adapter and Surface Pen. Additionally WVSOM provides an extended 3 year warranty on the Surface Book tablet and keyboard, which includes accidental damage. In total your device has 4 years of warranty.

Q. When does my warranty expire?

The 1 year comprehensive warranty which includes the battery, AC adapter and Surface Pen, expires one year from the date of purchase. Typically this falls in March of your first academic year.

The 3 year extended/accidental warranty on the tablet and keyboard expires on May 31 of your graduation year.

Q. How do I obtain warranty servie on my Surface Book?

All warranty service must be initiated with Microsoft by the WVSOM IT Department. Please contat the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Q. What happens if my laptop is lost or stolen?

All lost or stolen laptops should be reported to the WVSOM IT Help Desk as soon as possible. If you experience a known theft off campus, you should contact the WV State Police to file an official police report. A copy of this police report should be presented to teh IT Help Desk. Per the agreement form that you signed when receiving your laptop, a replacement device will be provisioned based on teh pro-rated cost of the originally assigned laptop.

Q. I lost my Surface Pen, how do i get a new one?

Lost or missing accessories must be purchased by the student from Microsoft, Amazon, or some other 3rd party vendor. The IT Help Desk can supply links to the appropriate item upon request.

Q. How do i fix my Surface Pen tip?

The tips of the Surface Pen are very easy to break, especially with heeavy use. The IT help Desk keeps a small supply of replacement tips on hand to assist sutdents should your pen break. These tips are relatively inexpensive so we recommend that students keep extras as well.

Q. Why does my Surface screen appear discolored or have a yellow tint aroudn the edges?

This hardware issue is one that is seen frequently on devices that are used heavily, and is covered under warranty. Bring your device to the IT Help Desk for warranty service.

Q. I am on SWC rotations, how do i get support for my laptop?

All 3rd and 4th year students should contact the IT Help Desk at 304-647-6246, then press Option 3 for SWC support.

Student Laptop: Software Troubleshooting

Q. How do I automatically backup my computer files to my OneDrive account?
  1. Launch your OneDrive application from the bottom right of your taksbar (the blue cloud icon).
  2. If you have not yet signed in or setup the appplication, simply follow the on-screen instructions for completing the setup.
  3. Once setup is complete navigate to the Help & Settings icon, then select Settings, and navigate to teh Backup tab.
  4. Under the Backup tab select Manage my backup, then select which items you wish to backup automatically. When done hit start backup.
Q. How do I know if my files are backed up properly?

Go to File Explorer and click on your OneDrive- WV School of Osteopathic Medicine folder. A list of folders and files from OneDrive will be listed. Look to make sure that you see either an open green or closed green circle icon next to the files you expect to see backed up. If you see a cloud icon, the file is located in the OneDrive cloud only, not on your hard drive.

Q. How do I back up my OneNote notebooks to OneDrive?

When accessing OneNote for the first time you are required to sign in. This sign-in process automatically configures your notebooks to be synced with OneDrive. You do not have manually save the notebooks each time.

Q.How do I get help with eMedley and/or my ExamN browser?

For assistance with the eMedley or ExamN applications, please contact the Exam Center at

Student Printing

Q. How do I install the campus printers on my WVSOM student laptop?
  1. Connect to the WVSOM-Student wireless network
  2. Double click the Map Printer icon located on your desktop (Must be done on campus)
Q. How many prints do I get per year?

The student-resources printing page has up to date printing information.

Wireless Network

Q. How do I connect my WVSOM laptop to the wireless network?
  1. Click on the network icon located in the right corner of the task bar.
  2. Select appropriate network (WVSOM-Student or WVSOM-faculty)
  3. Enter your and your network password.
  4. Connect
Q. Can I connect my personal devices to the WVSOM-Student network?

No.  Personal devices can only connect to the WVSOM-Guest network.  You will use the same credentials to authenticate, but will not be able to access any WVSOM resources like printing.

Q. Can visitors to the WVSOM campus access the WVSOM wireless network?

Yes, there are two ways for visitors to access wireless on the WVSOM campus:

  • If you are visiting from an institution that supports EduRoam, select EduRoam wireless and enter your home institution credentials.
  • Select the WVSOM-Guest wireless and self-register a new username and password.