Self Service Password Reset

What is Self Service Password Reset?

WVSOM’s Self Service Password Reset enables domain users to quickly and securely reset their password without having to contact the Helpdesk.  To protect the identity of our students and employees WVSOM uses two-factor authentication for identity verification.  The steps below will demonstrate the registration process and how to reset your password after registration. If you have already registered your self service password reset then you can reset your password on the login screen for you campus email, if you need help skip to "Resetting your password using self service password reset" below.

Self Service Password Reset Registration

Before you can use Self Service Password Reset, you will need to set up your recovery email and phone number. The system will prompt you to do this the first time you sign in to the webmail. If you ever need to update your information you can do so online via self service password reset setup. Step by step instructions are listed below.

Step 1

Sign in to your account on Office365.

Step 2

If you have not setup self service password reset upon attempting to login you should see the image below, if you do not, please visit self service password reset setup, enter your password to confirm your identity and continue to step 3. 

More information required outlook screen shot

Step 3

After either method of step 2 you’ll be presented with a screen asking you to select at least one of the authentication methods. Choose either phone or email by clicking on "set it up now" after your preferred method. You will be able to set up both methods if you would like.

Don't lose access to your account! Email and phone not configured "set up now" screen shot.

Step 4

To set up a phone enter the phone number and then select either “text me” or “call me”. If entering a mobile phone number it is best to select “text me” so that both call and text options are available for authentication.

Don't lose access to your account! Verify authentication number screen shot.

A text message with a code similar to the one below will be sent to the phone used during registration, entern the number to verify the phone number.

Use this code for Microsoft verification. example screen shot

If you are verifying an email address you will receive an email containing a verification code. The email should look similar to the one below.

Email verification example screen shot

Verify your email address by inputting the code you received in the same way manner you verified your phone number. 

Step 5

After completing these steps, the confirmation screen should be seen. You will be able to confirm that your account(s) are verified by the green check beside each method. At this point registration is complete and you should be able to use your verification method(s) to reset your password. Follow the "Resetting your password using self service password reset" steps on this page.

Resetting your password using self service password reset

Step 1

Navigate to the sign in page on Outlook or Office365. On the log in screen, Click “Can’t access your account?” Or select your account and click "forgot my password".

Outlook sign in "can't access your account?" example screen shot.

Forgot Password Redaction

Step 2

On the next screen enter your WVSOM email address and the Captcha text as seen on the screen. Example below (your captcha will be different).

Captcha example screen shot

Step 3

Choose between being emailed a code, responding to a phone call, or text message, if the phone number is a cell phone. Below is an example of what the selection will look like. 

Choose verification method example screen shot.

If you choose to receive a call or a text you will be required to enter your full phone number, the last digit is displayed as a reminder to which phone you may have used. If you choose email verification you will be shown the first couple letters and the @ domain to remind you which email you used.

After providing the phone number for a text message, a slightly different text message from the original setup will be sent this time with WV School of Osteopathic Medicine in the message. Example shown below. (your confirmation number will be different)

Text verification code example screen shot.

Step 4

After verification you will then be able to enter a new password. Enter a new password in both the "enter new password" and "confirm new password" fields then click "Finish".

Step 5

After completion a confirmation page should be seen alerting you that “Your password has been reset”. You may now sign in using your new password.