Institutional Policy: GP-08

Graduate Programs
January 26, 2024
Graduate Students

GP 08-1.  Authority

W. Va. Code § 18B-1-6

GP 08-2.  Purpose

Early identification of and appropriate intervention for students with potential academic problems is an important part of WVSOM's program.  Such students will be classified as Academically-at-Risk.

GP 08-3.  Academically-at-Risk


Students who fail a course or retake summative exam for the first time will be classified as Academically-at-Risk and notified by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.  This status is official notice that the student’s performance requires attention and effort to avoid future academic difficulty.


Once classified as Academically-at-Risk a student:


Must comply with a written learning plan designed by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs;


Cannot hold elected or appointed student office at any level and must resign such office upon being notified of being classified Academically-at-Risk; and


Will not receive funds or approval for participation in activities outside of the school until Academically-at-Risk status has been removed.


A student shall remain classified as Academically-at-Risk until such time as the Registrar notifies the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs that the student has successfully remediated the course.  At that time, the student’s classification as Academically-at-Risk shall be removed by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and so notified.  The student’s At Risk classification will not become part of the student's permanent record.

GP 08-4.  Notifications

All notifications required by this policy shall be communicated to the student by e-mail to the student’s WVSOM e-mail address.  It is the responsibility of the student to check his or her WVSOM e-mail account in a timely manner (at least every 2 business days).  Failure to receive correspondence due to noncompliance with the above is the responsibility of the student.