Institutional Policy: GA-33

General Administration
April 8, 2024
Board Members, Employees, Students, and Others

GA 33-1. Authority


W. Va. Code § 18B-1-6 and § 12-3-11


W. Va. Code R. § 133-29

GA 33-2. Purpose

This policy implements WV Code § 12-3-11 and Title 133, Procedural Rule Higher Education Policy Commission, Series 29, Travel by establishing guidelines and procedures governing the management of in-state travel, out-of-state travel, and international travel, hereinafter referred to as “travel,” and for reimbursement of expenses to employees, Board of Governors members, and non-employees traveling on behalf of the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM). All travel is governed by the current WVSOM Travel Procedures available in the Business Office.

GA 33-3. Approval for Travel


Approval to travel for official WVSOM business, whether or not the travel involves reimbursable expenses, must be secured in advance by an employee in accordance with the WVSOM Travel Procedures. Travel may be authorized only when sufficient and appropriate financial resources exist to pay for travel expenses, regardless of funding source.


All international travel must be approved in advance through the process designated by WVSOM's export Compliance Manager, in accordance with Institutional Policy R-07: Export Control.


Under no circumstances should an employee travel without proper approval of the spending unit manager if travel involves reimbursable expenses.

GA 33-4. Reimbursement for Travel


For travel that includes reimbursable expenses, a requisition for travel may be submitted via Self Service Banner, accessible on the WVSOM intranet site at


Employees are responsible for submitting a State of West Virginia travel expense account settlement form, which can be found at, with all required receipts and attachments, within sixty (60) calendar days after the last day of approved travel to qualify for reimbursement of expenses and for payment.


This policy will govern reimbursement for travel expenses to members of the Board of Governors when a Board member requests reimbursement of travel expenses for travel authorized in accordance with Board Member responsibilities. See travel procedures for requirements specific to Board Members.


When non-employees, including candidates, are eligible to receive reimbursement of travel expenses, reimbursement will be made in accordance with the travel policies and procedures of WVSOM.


Reimbursement of travel expenses paid from federal, state, and private grants will be governed by the terms and conditions of the grant if they differ from those contained in this policy; otherwise, this policy will govern such reimbursement.


Any exception(s) to this policy must be explained in writing and approved by the Vice President for Finance and Facilities/CFO.