Institutional Policy: GA-27

General Administration
Visitors on Campus
December 14, 2005

GA 27-1. Authority

W. Va. Code § 18B-1-6

GA 27-2. Introduction


The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) is a publicly supported institution of higher education and, as such, welcomes visitors to campus. To protect the safety of visitors, as well as college personnel and facilities, certain restrictions apply.


A visitor to campus is defined as one who is not currently enrolled as a student of WVSOM or its cooperating institutions, or currently employed by WVSOM or its cooperating institutions.

GA 27-3. Visitors and Activities

Visitors are welcome to the campus to participate in:


An activity to which they have been specifically invited.


A school-sponsored activity to which the general public has been invited.


Legitimate business with the School and/or its cooperating institutions.


An activity sponsored by an external organization for which the School has assumed co-sponsorship.


An activity of an external organization which has rented or received prior approval to use school facilities for a specific purpose and for which proper liability coverage has been provided.


Activities which support the emergency needs of the School.


Activities of regulatory agencies.


Activities in the Student Center which are defined and controlled by policies in the Student Handbook.


Other activities which are reasonably related to school business.

GA 27-4. Children on Campus


Visitors to campus who are accompanied by minor children are expected to provide direct supervision for the minor(s) at all times.


Employees and students are restricted from having minor children on campus except under the circumstances listed above or in other exceptional, short term, non-daily recurring situations which must be approved by the immediate supervisor or responsible faculty member. Short-term exceptions will be granted only until alternate arrangements can be made for the care of the minor. During these exception periods, the sponsoring adult is expected to provide direct supervision/control of the minor at all times.


Examples of exceptional, short term, non-daily recurring situations are emergency school closings or opening delays, or physician/dental appointments.

GA 27-5. Trespassers


Persons on campus involved in activities which are not college-related or sponsored as identified above, may be directed to leave the campus. Repetitive unauthorized presence or activities may result in further action, including notification that such activities are considered trespassing and subject to legal action.


School personnel observing unauthorized occupancy or activities should report the occurrence to one of the following: the security officer on duty; the Director of Institutional Facilities; or other senior administrators. If no responsible school officer is present, any activity for which there is an immediate potential for injury or significant damage should be reported to the State Police.