Institutional Policy: GA-10

General Administration
Standing Boards, Committees or Councils
April 8, 2024

GA 10-1. Authority

W. Va. Code § 18B-1-6

GA 10-2. Policy

The following standing boards, committees or councils shall be maintained at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Such boards, committees or councils may be either administrative or advisory.

2.1 Administrative Boards, Committees or Councils

Administrative boards, committees or councils may take certain actions without approval of an administrator or administrative unit as long as those actions fall within the defined authority of the board, committee or council.

2.1.1  Educational Development Committee

2.1.2  Faculty Council

2.1.3  Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

2.1.4  Institutional Biosafety Committee

2.1.5  Institutional Review Board

2.1.6  Staff Council

2.2  Advisory Boards, Committees or Councils

The actions of advisory boards, committees or councils are subject to approval by the administrator or administrative unit to whom they report.

2.2.1  Academic Development Committee

2.2.2  Academic Policy and Procedure Committee

2.2.3  Admissions Committee

2.2.4  Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2.2.5  Continuous Quality Improvement Committee

2.2.6 Curriculum Committee

2.2.7 Educational Resources Committee

2.2.8 Export Control Compliance Committee

2.2.9 Fact Finding Committee

2.2.10 Graduate Academic Performance Committee

2.2.11 Institutional Policy and Procedure Committee

2.2.12 Master of Biomedical Sciences Program Committee

2.2.13 Osteopathic Principles & Practice Integration Committee

2.2.14 Promotion and Tenure Committee

2.2.15 Research Committee

2.2.16 Residency Classification Appeals Committee

2.2.17 Safety and Security Committee

2.2.18 Student Financial Aid Committee

2.2.19 Student Government Association

2.2.20 Student Promotions Committee

2.2.21 Textbook Affordability Committee


Information concerning the purpose, composition, and conduct of boards, committees or councils listed in this policy may be found in applicable WVSOM policies, procedures, and/or handbooks.