Institutional Policy: DO-05

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program
Student Examinations
June 21, 2023
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Students

DO 05-1. Authority

1.1 W. Va. Code § 18B-1-6


DO 05-2. Examinations On Campus


Students are required to be present for and at the scheduled starting time of every examination.


It is the responsibility of the student, under the requirements of the Honor Code, to refrain from academic dishonesty, to refrain from any conduct that may lead to suspicion of academic dishonesty, and to refrain from conduct which aids others in academic dishonesty.


Any modifications to this examination policy and procedures that are needed to address the needs of a course will be detailed in the course syllabus.  The syllabus is presented to the students at the beginning of each course.


The procedures for administration of examinations at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine are specified in a separate document, Procedures for On-campus Examinations.

DO 05-3. Examinations Off Campus


Whether or not a proctor is present, students participating in on-line examinations must conform to the same high standards of academic integrity required for on-campus examinations.


Unless advised otherwise by the course administrator, they must not seek or receive assistance from other people before or during an exam, and they must not provide assistance or inform others about the content of the exam.


Students must not print out test questions, in whole or part, and possession of illegally printed test questions without authorization will be de facto proof of Honor Code violation.


Unless advised that a test is "open book", students may not use computer-based, on-line or other resources during the examination.


By opening any exam, the student affirms that he/she will adhere to the letter and spirit of the WVSOM Honor Code.


The privilege to take an unproctored online examination is one that may be withdrawn at any time.  Any student(s) may be required to take a test under supervision, either by returning to campus or going to a site with campus-designated proctors.


Students are required to participate in on-line examinations on the times and dates specified by the course administrator, communicated via web site and/or e-mail, or other means.


Students are required to check e-mail regularly to know of and meet course requirements.


Additional time may be allowed to complete the examination only with approval of the course administrator.  Failure to complete the examination as scheduled may result in the grade of zero (0) for the exam and/or for the course.

DO 05-4. Post Examination Reviews


No examinations will be returned to students.  However, examinations will be available for inspection by the students at locations specified by the Dean.  Courses may also provide a review of the correct answers to the exam items.


It is a violation of the Honor Code to copy, photograph, or otherwise reproduce written examinations, or any portion thereof.  Similarly, any printed form of answers may not be reproduced.


For OSCEs, the Human Patient Simulator Lab, clinical skills, OPP, and anatomy practical examinations and other courses which test in sections, it is a violation of the Honor Code for a student who has already taken the examination to pass information to students who have not yet taken it.

DO 05-5. Make-up for a Missed Examination

A student's absence from an examination may be excused upon appropriate notification of the appropriate associate dean.


To be eligible for a make-up exam, if the absence from an examination is for medical reasons, the student may subsequently be required to present to the appropriate associate dean a written confirmation of his/her illness from a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, neither of whom may be in a familial relationship with the student, stating the student was "too ill to attend on the day of the exam" and specifying the date that the student is to return to class.  The excuse must provide confirmation that the physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner has seen the student on the date in question or that the student is under ongoing care for the condition involved. Excuses must be submitted to the appropriate associate dean within 3 business days of the missed activity or the absence will be considered unexcused. (refer to Institutional Policy E-9)


A student excused from examinations due to a new or prolonged illness must return to classes on the day specified on his/her medical excuse.  All make-up examinations will be scheduled and administered through the office of the appropriate associate dean. A single attempt at scheduling a make-up exam will be attempted and this may, at the discretion of the appropriate associate dean and the Exam Center, be administered on evenings, weekends, or holidays. Any deviation from the “single attempt at rescheduling” policy will be at the discretion of the appropriate associate dean.  A grade of zero may be given for any make-up examination not completed at the scheduled time.


A grade of zero will be recorded for any examination missed due to an unexcused absence.  This grade will be averaged with all other scores when the final grade for the course is computed.


If a student wishes to be excused from an examination for a reason other than a medical or an emergency reason (e.g., to attend a scientific or medical meeting, etc.), he/she may be excused only upon prior written approval.  Procedures to obtain approval to attend meetings are in the WVSOM Student Handbook (Student Off-campus Meeting Attendance Guidelines) or available through the office of the appropriate associate dean.