Procedure for Institutional Policy DO-03: Proof of Inoculations/Health Form

August 6, 2021
August 30, 2023
June 3, 2021

1.  Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to implement WVSOM’s Institutional Policy DO-03: Proof of Inoculations/Health Form.

2. Applicability


This procedure applies to all WVSOM students.


WVSOM reserves the right to amend this procedure at any time, as necessary or appropriate.

3. Procedure


3.1 Students are provided with instructional document(s) on how to meet WVSOM’s immunization requirements, health form requirements, and documentation requirements. The document(s) are provided to accepted students by the admission’s department prior to matriculation and links to the document(s) are provided on WVSOM’s website at Students are encouraged to contact a health educator with any questions or concerns. The contact information for the health educator is located on the website at, within the instructional document(s), or by emailing


Students are required to provide the following immunization and titer information and upload them into the Castlebranch system by the required deadlines set forth in the instructional document(s)::


Completed WVSOM Immunization Form and, if needed, documentation of contraindications to vaccination(s);


The student’s original childhood immunization record


Immune (IgG) antibody titers (the lab reports including reference ranges) to measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), varicella, and a quantitative Hepatitis B surface antibody titer;


Health and Technical Standards Form;


Yearly PPD testing and any related studies and/or documents such as chest x-rays as deemed necessary for those students with positive TB tests;


Yearly influenza vaccination or yearly documentation of contraindication from further influenza immunization; and


Any other immunizations as deemed mandatory by WVSOM following proper notice to students.


Students must have all immunizations, immunization forms, health forms, and documentation requirements completed and uploaded into the Castlebranch system prior to matriculation.


In extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, a student may be permitted to matriculate who does not yet have all the required immunizations; provided, however, that the student complies with the timeline established by WVSOM for completing his or her immunizations. A student with delayed immunizations will not be permitted to register for Year 1, Spring semester, if the established catch-up immunizations are not completed on the schedule as WVSOM proscribed.


Students will not be permitted to register for Year 2 classes until all mandatory immunization requirements including repeat vaccinations and titer requirements have been met.


Students are required to keep the following current and load these into Castlebranch: CPR card (the initial card is submitted prior to matriculation and must be dated within one year of matriculation), proof of health insurance, HIPAA and OSHA training.


Failure to adhere to required deadlines as set forth in any instructional document(s) or meet other immunization or documentation requirements as deemed necessary by WVSOM and following proper notice to students will result in a report of unprofessional behavior placed into the student’s file and delays in starting academic experiences including clinical rotations.