OneDrive and OneNote Tutorial

Note: If using the OneNote 2016 version you will need to install (if you haven’t already) the new OneNote app from the Microsoft Store. The OneNote 2016 version is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Installing and setting up the OneNote app

  1. From the start menu search for and go to the Microsoft Store.

  2. In the top right, search, find and install the OneNote app (You may also want to install OneNote WebClipper and Send to OneNote). The OneNote Web Clipper allows you to save something from the webto OneNote. The Send to OneNote allows you to do things like print a PowerPoint to OneNote.
  3. Once you click on the app in the search, click the “Get” button. It will come up with a window to sign in with Microsoft… just click the “No, thanks” button and the install will begin.

  4. Now from the start menu you can find the OneNote app version. To make this easier to access for later, you can right click on the app from the start menu and choose pin to taskbar, which will snap it to the bottom of the screen.
  5. When you open OneNote, it will give you two sign in options of which you need to choose the Work or school account option. Then you will be redirected to sign in with your osteo email and account password. Congratulations, your OneNote account is already linked to your OneDrive and the notebooks you create will sync with the account that you used to sign in with.


  1. The OneNote app is a Microsoft application designed for note taking.
  2. PowerPoint presentations can be pulled into OneNote to allow for note taking directly on the slides.
  3. Students can organize the slides/notes by creating separate Notebook for each, or by sections and pages within a single class Notebook.
  4. Notes can be typed or handwritten with the active stylus pen that is included with the device.


  1. Cloud based file storage tied to your Office 365 account.
  2. Allows you to sync files between the cloud and multiple devices.
  3. File storage location for backing up files from your WVSOM issued laptop.
  4. Gives you access to your files from anywhere that you have an internet connection, regardless of whether you are using your WVSOM laptop or a different device.

Creating a Notebook in OneNote that Syncs to OneDrive

  1. To sync OneNote to your WVSOM OneDrive for Business account:
    1. Open OneNote

    2. Click the arrow in the top left of the screen to expand the notebooks.

    3. Click the + Notebook at the bottom of the Notebook section that you expanded.

    4. Then give your notebook a name and click Create Notebook.

A new OneNote notebook is created on your local machine as well as in your OneDrive account in the cloud. You can now add sections and pages to your notebook in the same way for better organizations.


Exporting PowerPoint Presentations into OneNote

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation and navigate to File > Print.
  2. Under the Printer dropdown, select Send to OneNote.
  3. Hit Print when ready to export to OneNote (Don't select Send to OneNote 2016 if using the app).

  4. Choose the Notebook where you want the slides imported and hit OK. Please note that you cannot create a Notebook from here, it must already exist. Refer to the section above regarding the creation of a Notebook.

The PowerPoint slides will now appear in the OneNote Tutorial notebook, under the Powerpoint section. Notes can be added as needed, with the stylus or by typing.