Phone and Fax Information

Managing your phone from the web

By entering the following web link you can administer phone options such as User Settings, Directory features, Personal Address Book, and Speed Dials via a web user interface.

Open a web browser window and type the following address:
Email Address: WVSOM email address
Sign in: WVSOM email address
Password: WVSOM network password
Note: you may receive a DUO prompt depending on how long since you last accessed the site

User Guides

Cisco 8875

Cisco 8832

Cisco 8851

Cisco 7000 Series

WebEx Guide

Fax from email

  1. Create a new email in Outlook as you would normally.
  2. In the TO: field, the recipient will be
  3. The Subject is the number to which you are sending the fax
    • As an example, to fax to 3048675309 you would put 3048675309 in the Subject field. Do not include a 9 but if the call is long distance please include the 1 in front of the telephone number.
  4. Type the message in the body as you would for an email
  5. If needed, add any attachments to the email as you normally would. They will be rendered as additional pages on the fax.
  6. Click send to send the fax as you normally would an email.

Receiving a fax within Microsoft Outlook

If you are designated to receive incoming faxes they will be delivered to Outlook as an email message with an attachment. The message body will contain information about the fax along with an image of the first page of the fax. The full fax transmission will be attached as a PDF image.

Quick Reference

All extensions are 4 digits. For example, the help desk extension is 6246.
An outside line requires the 9 prefix.
In an Emergency, either 911 or 9911 will work.