Accessing WVSOM WebEx Portal

Browse to the website URL

Click Login and use your standard network credentials to login.


Initially you will want to go to setup and configure your preferences.


Depending on your WebEx site settings, you can set up the following preferences:

  1. Log into your WebEx site and go to My WebEx > Preference
  2. Specify your preferences in each section:
    1. General: Set the time zone, language, and locale for the web pages on your WebEx site.
    2. "Meet Now" Settings: Set default options for instant meetings that you start with Meet Now. Depending on your site settings, you can also select whether your instant meetings take place in your Personal Room.
    3. Audio: Enter your phone number information and Personal Conferencing Information.
    4. Video Systems: Add the video addresses for your video conference systems.
    5. My Personal Room: Specify a unique name and a unique URL, copy the URL to share with others, automatically lock the room after you enter, and receive a notification when someone enters. You can also assign alternate hosts for your Personal Room meetings. For more information, see Change Your Cisco WebEx Personal Room Settings.
    6. Scheduling Templates: Manage scheduling templates.
    7. Scheduling Options: Set options for deleting completed meetings, the default meeting type, the Quick Start page, and scheduling permission.
    8. Support Center: Set the order of tabs that appear on the Support dashboard.
  3. Select Save.