State-of-the-Art Facilities

The CEC is a place where students can implement an emphasis on the osteopathic, hands-on approach to working with patients.

The center offers a variety of features including a communication lab utilizing standardized patients, advanced cardiac life support, suture labs, sterile technique, gowning and gloving, casting labs, a respiratory lab and pharmacology lab.

Labs involving full body simulators are also available, as well as practice and assessment of medical documentation. Medical, nursing and educational staff members are available to provide individual and group assistance.

The CEC has an extensive library of cases to meet the needs of many types of clinical instruction. Programs can also be created to center on the objectives of patient care for disciplines across the medical team.

In addition to a dedicated standardized patient area, the CEC has:

  • 24 fully equipped patient examination rooms with digital recording capabilities and electronic health records.
  • 3 large multi-purpose rooms.
  • 6 small multi-purpose rooms.
  • 8 debrief rooms.
  • 8 standard simulation rooms with digital recording capabilities.
  • 4 multi-purpose simulation rooms with digital recording capabilities.
  • 1 OB Suite with digital recording capabilities.
  • 1 Four-bay Emergency Department Suite with digital recording capabilities.
  • John Manchin II, D.O. Conference Center
  • Numerous education offices.

CEC Video Tour

CEC Floor Plan

Conference Center

  • YH02-YH05

Multi-purpose Classrooms

  • YC28
  • YE02/YE03

Mannequin Sim Center

  • Entire YF Area

Add'l Sim Rooms

  • YB02-YB04

Task Trainer Room

  • YG16

Master Control Room

  • YD25

Exam Rooms

  • YC04-YC13
  • YC15-YC16
  • YD04-YD15

Training Rooms

  • YD17-YD22

Debrief Rooms

  • YC18-YC21
  • ​YC24-YC27