Robert Foster, D.O.

Dr. Foster

Undeniably a keeper of the institutional memory at WVSOM (some might say he's an institution within himself), Dr. Robert "Bob" Foster is currently the school's Associate Dean of Osteopathic Medical Education. His relationship with WVSOM began in 1978 when he became an associate professor. "A friend called me from here and said they're starting this new school to train rural physicians," Dr. Foster explains. "My ears perked up because that was where the great need was....The appeal was the mission of the school." Over the decades Dr. Foster has authored and co-authored many papers and given many presentations focused on the learning and delivery of osteopathic medicine. Dr. Foster plays a key role in the growth of osteopathic medicine here in the Mountain State with his commitment to teaching, advising and mentoring the next generation of osteopathic physicians serving in rural communities here and across the U.S. "When I came here, there were around 60 D.O.s in the whole state of West Virginia." With hundreds of D.O.s now in practice in WV, the school’s presence has had a significant impact. “Most of them are (WVSOM) graduates, or they've set the tone for other D.O.s to come here."