When will my transcript be uploaded to VSLO?
Transcripts will be uploaded to your VSLO account after you apply the first time. You do not need to request it.
What rotations can I list on my VSLO application?

Core Rotations Only.

The following rotations will be pre-listed for you on the application: (just fill in the dates and weeks of completion)

Internal Medicine 1 4 Date of Completion
Surgery 4 Date of Completion
Pediatrics 4 Date of Completion
OB-GYN 4 Date of Completion
Psychiatry 4 Date of Completion
Family Medicine 8 Date of Completion
Neurology Leave Blank Leave Blank
Psychiatry 4 Date of Completion

You will have to add the following rotations:

Internal Medicine 2 4 Date of Completion
Emeryency Medicine* 4 Date of Completion
*Eastern Region Berkley students do not list Emergency Medicine
Where do i get a photo to use for VSLO?

Your photo will be emailed from the GME office, Formatted for VSLO upload, shortly after you gain access to ERAS in June of your 3rd year.

You may use a different professional photo if you choose It must be formatted to the following parameters: 2.5x3 inches, no more than 150pi, file must be 100Kb or smaller. The GME office can format the photo for you if you choose.

Do I have to pay for using VSLO?

Students will pay $40 for up to three applications submitted (to any institution; in the U.S. or Global network) and $15 for each additional application. Application fees are per elective regardless of requested dates for that elective.

Who can sign off on my AAMC standardized form?
Your personal medical Physician, State Wide Campus Dean, or State Wide Campus Director.
How fast does my application get verified and release from the school?
The release time is less than 15 hrs. on business days.
I have LORs in ERAS can I use them in VSLO?
Once a LOR is in ERAS no one can access to it. For a LOR to be used in VSLO it must be emailed to the GME office.
I want to apply to a rotation outside the electronic systems used by WVSOM how to I get the documentation to the program?

Contact the GME office and a packet that is like a VSLO application can be created and emailed to you.

VSLO document responsibilities

If a document is listed “student” you must upload it prior to submission.

If a document says “home” the GME office will upload it after you submit your application.

Can I change the dates on an already submitted application in VSLO?

Yes, go into the application preferences tab, add a new date, rearrange them, and then hit save. It should sav your preferences.Or apply for a new date and withdraw the unwanted one

How do I get Documents uploaded to ClinicianNexus?
You can or you can request the GME office upload them.
How much does ClinicianNexus cost?
ClinicianNexus is free.
What is the process for using AceMapps?

You or SWC will contact the program you wish to rotate through. Once the program agrees the program or the SWC office will contact the GME office to create the rotation within AceMapps.

You will be been sent an invitation to AceMapps you will need to register and pay the membership fee.

The GME office will then be able to assign you to the rotation and upload documents for you.

The program then can send you any unique requirements through your AceMapps account.

How much is the Membership fee for AceMapps?
$85 per year.