Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

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MSPE, what is it?

The MSPE (or Dean's Letter) is trending to become the #1 evaluation tool for Program Directors when deciding on whether to grant an interview and also when creating their Rank Order List (ROL) for residency spots. 

At WVSOM MSPEs are prepared for all senior students and past graduates by the Office of the Academic Dean. The MSPE is a comprehensive look at a student's life (academically and professionally) while enrolled at WVSOM ending at the conclusion of their third year. 

Past Graduates seeking new residencies or fellowships has not been update since the end of your Match cycle year you must request a New MSPE.  (please see "The Process" below)

The MSPE is a letter of evaluation, NOT a letter of recommendation. That is, it is intended to be a comprehensive summary of the student’s academic record through the first three years of medical school. The MSPE consists of the student’s progress until the MSPE is submitted on or around October 1st, as dictated by the National Residency Match Program (NRMP)

A MSPE is not specialty specific; sections included in the WVSOM MSPE: (this only applies to MSPEs for the class of 2017 on)

Identifying Information A brief statement of your name, class year and that you are currently a student at WVSOM.
Noteworthy Characteristics Part of your CV in Emedley. Students will enter up to 7 "Noteworthy Characteristics" about themselves. These characteristics will be bulleted and 1 to 2 sentences ONLY. The Office of Student Life will select ONLY 3 from the 7; with the approval of the Academic Dean those 3 characteristics will be included in the student's MSPE 
Academic History A table that displays a student's matriculation date (Start of medical school date); expected graduation date; explanations for any leaves, gaps or breaks in the student's academic progress. All failures will be included. An explanation of any "adverse actions" (which will include professionalism write-ups) while at WVSOM.
Preclinical Coursework This is an overview of a student's first & second years. This section includes the student's medical knowledge as compared to the entirety of the class during the student's first & second years. 
Clerkships A comprehensive look at the students third year rotation report (which will include Regional Assistant Dean's comments about the student, any failures, how the student faired in that rotation as compared to the class and preceptor notes).
Summary This section displays what quartile the student is  in when compared to their class and the students' performance in their core competencies when compared to the their class through their third year

The Process

The Office of the Academic Dean will send out a notice that the process of creating MSPEs has begun (this will coincide with the rising senior class being granted full access to all ERAS functions).

Students and Past Graduates will submit to the Office of the Academic Dean Administrative Assistant a copy of their ERAS CV (This is the printout of your ERAS application) and a completed MSPE Request Form.

 The deadline for turning in your MSPE request will be the last Friday of July. MSPE requests turned in after this date can not be guaranteed to ready by the ERAS application release date.

MSPEs are completed in the order in which the request is received. MSPEs will be sent to students, every Friday during the process, for a five-day review period. Students that submit changes in one email to the Office of the Academic Dean within this five-day review period. Failure to respond will result in the student's MSPE being uploaded or sent as is. 

The MSPE will be uploaded to ERAS the last week in September by the GME Technical Manager, not before. 

Past Grads

If you have completed the Match cycle in the last match cycle you will need to complete a MSPE request.

Request Form:

Medical Student Performance Evaluation Request Form


Academic Dean Administrative Assistant April Jones
Phone: (304)647-6269
Fax: (304)793-6862

GME Technical Manager  Scott Maxwell
Phone: (304)647-6323
Fax: (304)647-6344