ERAS LOR Procedure

Beginning in 2015, WVSOM no longer has access to Letters of Recommendation in ERAS. This means we cannot see the letters contents, access their upload or download them. This was done to further secure the integrity of the letter.

The procedure they want you to follow is thus:

  1. Generate a request in ERAS.
    1. In your ERAS dashboard> Documents> Letters of Recommendation
    2. +Add New Letter> fill in the three fields> Click off one of the three questions about the author> it is appropriate and customary that you wave your right to view the document.

    3. Review the request> confirm the request

    4. Select how you wish to send the request: Print out the request form or email it.
      1. It is recommended that you send a copy of your ERAS CV with the request. So, if you email the request directly from ERAS you will have to send a separate email with it.
        1. the benefit for emailing it directly to the author is that the link for them is live.

  2. It is then up to the author to upload the letter.
    1. Following the instructions, you have provided them:
      1. They will have to create an AAMC account (if they don’t already have one)
    2. The exception to this is for circumstances that are out of the author’s control. Example: military that has been deployed
      1. In circumstances that the author is unable to upload the letter themselves do to extreme circumstances I can request permission from ERAS to upload the Letter.
        1. ) The original request must be forwarded to me. The LOR sent to me (either by email or snail mail) by the author. ERAS then will grant me a separate access code to upload your letter.
        2. This process may take weeks; depending on ERAS review of my request.
  3. Once the Letter is uploaded, you will receive an email.