Fellowship Documentation

Please fill out both EFDO requests (one for a transcript, one for MSPE) with the below info:

Title: GME Technical Manager 
First Name: Scott
Last Name: Maxwell
Institution: WVSOM
Department: GME Office
Country: USA
Address Line 1: 400 Lee Street N.
City: Lewisburg
State: West Virginia
Postal Code: 24901
Email Address: smaxwell@osteo.wvsom.edu
Phone: 304-647-6323 

Fellowships through ERAS are a separate service from Residency ERAS. To request a Token, please follow this link: EFDO/ERAS Token

The GME Department will upload your MSPE and Transcript as we did for Residency ERAS. However, you will need to provide us with a link to do so this time. Below is a link to the webpage with the instruction to send this link to me. You must make two separate requests (one for MSPE and one for your Transcript).

MIDUS/ Fellowship documentation request

If you wish to update your MSPE, you must submit a MSPE request form to the Academic Dean's Office Administrative Assistant.

MSPE Request form. If you request an updated MSPE, please email the GME Technical Manager. This is to indicate to them that a new MSPE will be coming and that the original MSPE does not need to be uploaded.