When will my transcript and MSPE be uploaded to ERAS?

  • Transcripts and MSPE will be uploaded prior to the release of applications. Grades are not due to the registrar from SWC until July 15th.

What is the ERAS CV?

  • “ERAS CV” is just the printout of your ERAS application.  

How do I attach my COMLEX Scores to my ERAS account?

  • The first step and one of the most important steps is to make sure you list your NBOME/USMLE ID numbers in MyERAS. You would do so within your Application under the personal tab and within the additional information section. If your ID numbers are not listed or are not correct, then your transcripts will not process correctly.

  • You must authorize the release of your COMLEX/USMLE transcripts by selecting Documents at the top of the MyERAS home screen and then choosing Additional documents. You will see an “Actions” box next to each exam, choose “Authorize Release”. A box will then appear that requires you to enter your ID numbers, choose yes to authorize and then save.

  • The transcript fee will be added in with your ERAS invoice.

  • Before you can pay your transcript fee, you must assign your COMLEX/USMLE exam transcript to your programs before you can initiate a request to NBOME. You can assign it by selecting the Assign action that is available on the Additional Documents page or by selecting the Assign Documents action for an individual program from the Saved Programs and Programs Applied To pages. This is how the system generates your transcript fee. Fees are $80 for each exam and is a one-time fee regardless of the number of programs you apply to. The fee cannot be paid for prior to applying to programs.

  • Once you have assigned your scores to at least one program and paid your transcript fees, ERAS will then notify the NBOME/NBME to send out your transcripts to the programs you’ve applied to.

  • Note: Once you assign your scores to a program, it cannot be unassigned.

  • Note: Your transcripts will include all exam attempts and scores, you are unable to choose what exam outcomes are sent.

  • I have received several questions about what to do if you have an exam date coming up or maybe a recent exam hasn’t released scores yet. You can send what you have now and then update your transcript for programs once new scores become available. You would need to resend or retransmit your scores. Go back to the additional documents page as noted in the first step and choose “Resend my scores” next to the exam. This will notify the NBOME/USMLE to resend an updated transcript that includes the newest scores to the programs you’ve already applied to.

  • After you have applied, you can track the status of your transcript requests using the COMLEX/USA Requests status reports. Here you can check to see what each program received and if successful and the date of the last transcript sent.

Can I submit my application without all my LORs?

  • You can attach LORs to application any time. However, there is no guarantee that they will go back and download additional supplemental documents later. Ref: ERAS user guide-pg28

    • LoR assignments can be made throughout the application season to any programs that do not have the maximum number of four (4) LoRs currently assigned but programs are not guaranteed to view or review newly assigned LoRs received after initial application to their program

Where do I find my ACGME/NRMP MATCH numbers?

  • Each of those numbers are generated and sent to when you register for that respective MATCH. You can submit applications with out The NRMP # as you will not get this # until Sept. It is part of the Personal Information section of your application; this section can be updated anytime.