Sponsored Programs Overview

The Sponsored Programs arm of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is dedicated to supporting WVSOM employees and students in the submission of quality external funding requests for research, educational, programmatic, scholarship, and other projects or activities.  The ORSP reviews, secures Institutional approval for, and submits all proposals on behalf of WVSOM, unless otherwise required by the sponsor. 

The Sponsored Programs arm of the ORSP also provides professional development to Principal Investigators or Program Directors, assists with identifying appropriate funding sources, oversees Institutional compliance with the terms of the award, and tracks grant activities.  The ORSP undertakes all these activities in conjunction with the Office of Business Administration (OBA) to assist PIs/PDs with ensuring compliance with the terms of the award.

ALL Grants and Sponsored Projects must be reviewed and approved through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  Please see the definitions below to distinguish between a grant/sponsored project and a gift/donation.

  • Grant/Sponsored Award: Any funding from a sponsor that includes personnel costs, requires detailed financial information, includes penalization for non-performance, commits the Institution to anything (e.g. specific line of work, deliverables, milestones, etc.), and/ includes terms and conditions.
  • Gifts/donations: funds or tangible property, exclusive of personnel costs, that is provided to the institution or individual project director without any commitments or terms and conditions.

Basically, a grant or sponsored award is anything provided to the Institution that is not part of appropriations or the normal operating budget, except gifts.  Awards to the Foundation do NOT have to be reviewed by the ORSP.  Awards from the Foundation or the Alumni Association do not have to be reviewed by the ORSP.  Though, if you would like assistance with any of these applications, the ORSP is here to help.

How to have your grant/award reviewed and submitted (the short version):

  1. Provide a completed ORSP-5 Form, the Budget, the Budget Narrative, and the Funding Opportunity Announcement to the ORSP at least 7 business days in advance (preferably 2 weeks or more in advance).
  2. Provide the complete proposal and all documents at least 7 business days in advance to the ORSP.
  3. The ORSP will schedule meetings and provide feedback/discuss any questions, comments, or concerns when documents are received.
  4. The ORSP submits the proposal once it has been approved.
  5. For more detailed information on timelines and requirements, please review the Sponsored Programs Procedures for Extramural Submission.

PI Responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring the proposal application is in compliance with all sponsor-established formatting
  2. Ensuring all documents, forms, or other required sections are completed
  3. Developing and finalizing the proposal narrative and technical documents
  4. Assuring proper documentation for 3rd party commitments for match, cost-share, subrecipients or consultants
  5. Ensuring availability to communicate with the ORSP in the 7 business days leading up to the submission deadline
  6. Oversight and management of, and compliance with, terms of a grant, sponsored award, or any external funding is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) or the Program Director (PD).
  7. Oversight and management of the project and all personnel, including ensuring compliance with Institutional policy and procedure and applicable federal regulations.
  8. Oversight of the budget, ensuring no overages, ensuring timely communication with the ORSP, OBA, and Sponsor regarding budgetary changes.
  9. Submitting reports to the ORSP and Sponsor in a timely manner.


WVSOM's Grants Administrator, is involved in Pre-Award functions and some Post-Award functions (non-financial reporting & compliance).

  • Works with PIs/PDs to develop the grant budget, guide them through the Sponsored Programs procedures, interpret the sponsored program announcement, ensure allowable costs, and facilitate Institutional approval for any commitments in the grant.
  • Assists PIs/PDs in ensuring compliance with the terms of the award through regular meetings during the award period, serving as a liaison between the ORSP and OBA regarding financial compliance and Post-award services, and overseeing time and effort reporting.
  • Provides PIs/PDs information about grant and other sponsored award opportunities and announcements.  Make an appointment with Ms. Allen to get started on individualized searches just for you!

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Grants Financial Officer (OBA), Post-Award (financial reporting & compliance)

Establishes the financial accounting related to the award once the award has been received.  Works with PIs/PDs to develop agreements, contracts, and sub awards.  Finally, oversees the financial closeout and reporting for the award.

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Cindy White
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Administrative Assistant