Student Research and Scholarly Activity Approval Process

All research projects must be reviewed and approved through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

Research Processes

Do I need approval to start my own project?
  1. Yes, all WVSOM research projects require institutional review and approval prior to starting. If you are interested in starting your own project, the first step is to identify a WVSOM mentor to help guide you through the processes. You will also need to complete a Research Initiation Request Form (ORSP-1)
  2. In addition to approval to initiate a research project, the steps below occur regarding personnel.
  3. Both the ORSP and your associate dean's office must provide approval. The ORSP will contact the associate dean's office for academic status and approval.
Do I need approval to be research personnel on sombody else's project?
  1. Yes, all personnel require approval through the institution, and certain trainings must be completed prior to starting as personnel.
  2. The WVSOM Principal investigator (PI) or mentor should email the ORSP to add you to the project. Ask to be copied on this email.
  3. Both the ORSP and your associate dean's office must provide approval. The ORSP will contact the associate dean's office for academic status and approval.
  4. Prior to approval, you will need to complete the required trainings for the project, which depend on your role in the research. You will receive an email from the ORSP detailing the required trainings.
  5. At a minimum, you will need to complete CITI WVSOM Conflict of Interest in Research online training and a Financial Interest Disclosure form (ORSP-6). You may get started on these right away.
  6. Once you have completed all required trainings, the ORSP will email you confirmation of eligibility to be personnel on the specific project. The PI will be copied. This is the official approval to begin work on the project.
  7. Note: Institutional approval does not mean you are eligible to work on all research projects. Each research project has its own unique set of trainings required. Each PI must email the ORSP to add you to their project.
How do I find information on research or other projects at WVSOM?
  1. Faculty reearch interests and current projects are listed under each faculty's individual page. Research faculty.
  2. Not all faculty have chosen to have a webpage describing their interests, so you may want to talk with some of the faculty with whom you are interested working. They may have research (or other) projects, in which you could be involved.
Can I get paid to do research during the summer?
Possibly, there is a federal work study program through which WVSOM receives funds for various projects, including research personnel. Limited work study positions may be available in research labs. Discuss this possibility with the project PI and the financial aide office.
May I present the research I was involved with? Are there funds to help me do this?
  1. If the PI gives you permission to present, you may do so. You should ensure you have their okay for each planned presentation.
  2. There are limited funds available to assist you with travel and poster printing. If you have followed all the WVSOM procedures, you may request funds. Funds are available first come, first served.
May I do research elsewhere/at another institution?
  1. Yes, the student research webpage has a list of external fellowships and research opportunities you may persue. These are non-affiliated projects and WVSOM is not involved with them.
  2. Non-affiliated research projects are on your own. If you want to access WVSOM resources (e.g. funds, mentoring, etc.), you will need to follow WVSOM policy and procedure.
Are there other approvals that i need to get for projects involving humans or animals?
  1. Yes, in addition to institutional approval through the ORSP, if your project involves working with humans or animals, it will need to be reviewed by the appropriate committee (IRB for humans, IACUC for animals)
  2. When a research project initiation request form is submitted to the ORSP, the ORSP will indicate whether the prject requres additional review.
  3. If you are being added to a project, the PI should already have all approvals in place.

QA/QI, Case Studies, Literature Reviews, etc., Processes

QA/QI projects, case studies, and literature reviews do not require review and approval through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). howerver:

Obtain funding for scholarly activitiy

In order to access funds to present the project, case study, literature review, etc., you will need approval in advanceof starting the project.

Use the student non-research scholoarly activity form.

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