Research Affiliate

WVSOM offers research support services to its various affiliates

MSOPTI (Mountain State Osteopathic Post-Doctoral Training Institute)

  • The MSOPTI is comprised of multiple members.  See the MSOPTI webpage for more information.
  • The WVSOM IRB offers limited review services to those MSOPTI programs, with which WVSOM has agreements in place
  • WVSOM offers statistical consulting services for MSOPTI residents. 


  • Remember that the StateWide Campus system provides you resources!
  • Additional resources WVSOM may provide include consultation regarding human subjects research, how to ensure students have completed all the appropriate WVSOM paperwork for their project, and the recourses you may see on the research webpages.


  • Interested in continuing a collaboration with a WVSOM employee?  Talk with them to determine the best course of action.
  • Interested in developing a research or scholarly activity project? Reach out to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs(ORSP) for assistance.


  • If you are interested in reaching out to faculty for collaborations, please navigate to the "Faculty" webpage and review their synopses.
  • Working with faculty on-campus: WVSOM offers limited agreements for scholars interested in on-campus to collaborate with research faculty on projects.  To access this option, you must first identify a Faculty mentor.  They should access the Scholar in Residence Agreement, complete it, and return it to  The agreement will be reviewed.  If it is fully executed, you and the WVSOM faculty will receive a copy.