Work Study Program

Federal Work Study

This campus-based Federal Work Study program is authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. It provides funds for summer and part-time employment for students who demonstrate financial need.

Available Work Study Jobs



$15.48 per hour: maximum number of hours per week is 37.5 during the summer and 15 hours during the academic year.


Students who participate in the Federal Work Study program must:

  • complete and submit a FAFSA Need Analysis Report.
  • have unmet need after deducting the expected student contribution from the budget.
  • make satisfactory academic progress as defined by WVSOM.
  • be a citizen, permanent resident, or non-citizen recognized by the government as being in the U.S. for other than temporary purposes.
  • be registered with the Selective Service Agency if you are required to be registered.


Students participating in the Federal Work Study program are not required to repay funds received.