Loan Information

WVSOM participates in all federally funded financial aid programs including the Federal Stafford Loan, the Federal Perkins Loan, the Graduate/Professional PLUS Loan and Federal Work Study.

For more information about loan programs visit the links below:

Primary Care Loan

The Primary Care Loan Program (PCL) is a low cost federal loan program for medical students committed to primary health care practice. The interest rate is five percent (5%) and begins to accrue following a one year grace period after you cease to be a full-time student. When compared to other federal student loans and private loans, the PCL provides significant savings.

WVSOM Short Term Loan Program

The WVSOM Foundation, Inc. makes available on a first come first serve basis short term low-interest loans to qualified students in need. The maximum loan is $1,000 with interest accruing at 6% for the first 90 days and 10% thereafter. To facilitate processing, loan applications are handled through the WVSOM Foundation Office.

The monies for these loans have been made available through fund raising efforts of the Foundation and are distributed via one of three funds. They are:

  • The Dr. Byron E. Laycock Short Term Loan
  • The Dr. Frank Wallington Memorial Fund
  • The Frank J. Hennessey Short Term Loan

Please complete the WVSOM Short Term Loan Application and submit to the WVSOM Foundation Office. Loan applications will be processed as rapidly as possible, usually within 3 to 5 days.

Residency/Relocation Loans

During year four it sometimes becomes necessary to have additional funds available to cover the cost of internship/residency interviews.

Many students also find they need additional financial assistance when relocating to the internship/residency site.

Following is a list of links to companies that offer these loans. All of these loans are credit based and need no school certification.