Institutional Assessment and Research

The Office of Assessment and Educational Development supports institutional assessment and research by providing the WVSOM community with data and analysis needed to maintain and improve institutional effectiveness through the following efforts:

  • Satisfies programmatic and regional accreditation requirements for data especially in regards to assessment of student learning and outcomes
  • Responds to external requests for data including those from higher education institutions and college information guides
  • Develops reports with data to support state and national requirements
  • Maintains systems for tracking and reporting data to various constituents
  • Promotes best practices in assessment 
  • Supports assessment of program outcomes for non-academic areas
  • Serves as an assessment resource to the university community
  • Provides statistical consulting, as appropriate, to faculty, staff, and students including personnel at both the statewide campus regions and MS-OPTI program
  • Promotes data accuracy and consistency across campus


Lance Ridpath is the Coordinator of Institutional Research. He provides statistical consulting including experimental design, sample size computation and data analysis. He is also the primary point of contact for internal and external data reporting. 

Department Phone: (304) 647-6263

Institutional Data

The following links contain mandatorily-reported information about our institution, including Graduation Rates, COMLEX Pass Rates and Financial Statements.

Statistical Help Through the WVCTSI Program

WVSOM is a proud partner of the West Virginia Clinical & Translational Science Institute (WVCTSI) program. Through this partnership, we have additional statistical consulting and help available.

Helpful Statistical Links