Wellness Committee

The WVSOM Wellness Committee, comprised of students, faculty and staff, was established in June 2017. Guided by our vision of wellness as “the integration, flourishing and optimal development of the whole person (body, mind and spirit), including the social and ecological context within which that person lives,” the Committee shares guidance and develops activities that encourage members of the WVSOM community to consider their current levels of wellness as well as their goals for the future.

The Committee is also guided in its work by the COCA standards:

Element 5.3: Safety, Health, and Wellness:
A COM must publish and follow policies and procedures that effectively mitigate faculty, staff, and student exposure to infectious and environmental hazards, provide education on prevention of such exposures, and address procedures for care and treatment after such exposures. A COM must also publish and follow policies related to student, faculty, and staff mental health and wellness and fatigue mitigation.

Meeting at least once per semester, the Committee’s key activities include the following:

  • Collect feedback from wellness stakeholders for quality improvement activities;
  • Be available for questions, comments and wellness related concerns;
  • Advise HR on appropriate employee health and wellness development topics;
  • Provide Student Affairs with student feedback regarding health and wellness needs;
  • Work with various departments and divisions to develop programs designed to encourage increased health and wellness;
  • Maintain a web presence to promote health and well-being.

Current Health & Wellness Resources

WVSOM offers a wide range of health and wellness services to employees and students to promote their well-being. These services include community engagement opportunities, a fitness facility, and programs related to health and wellness. Recent programs have included fitness classes as well as the Wellness Committee’s Activities Showcases in which members of the WVSOM community demonstrated leisure activities they enjoy, encouraging others to sign up to join them.

The Wellness Committee also established and maintains a Wellness Collection of books in the WVSOM library. All members of the WVSOM community are eligible to use the WVSOM Founders Activities Center which has a full-size gymnasium, indoor running track, free weights, and state-of-the-art aerobic and cardio machines. Additionally, WVSOM has a parade ground for outdoor activities, and the WVSOM Park which is open to the public.

The Wellness Committee also shares information with WVSOM community on topics like Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention and Healthy Eating.

WVSOM has also been recognized as a Skin Smart Campus by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention.

Health, Safety and Wellness Procedures 

WVSOM publishes and follows procedures that effectively mitigate faculty, staff, and student exposure to infectious and environmental hazards, provides education on the prevention of such exposures, and addresses procedures for care and treatment after such exposures, ensuring accreditation standards and procedures related to health and wellness are met. WVSOM is also committed to fostering mental health and wellness and fatigue mitigation and ensuring accreditation standards and procedures related to health and wellness are met.

Health, Safety and Wellness Procedures details.

A Word About Fatigue Mitigation

The Wellness Committee also recognizes that fatigue mitigation is a critical issue in healthcare. In preparation for their entry into graduate medical education, WVSOM underscores the critical importance of training students to be cognizant of fatigue-related issues, leading to effective management of these issues in the future.

Some strategies for fatigue mitigation include naps, effective scheduling, realistic expectations regarding workload and effective delegation and collaboration, all of which students can start practicing now. Students are especially encouraged to maintain regular sleep schedules to avoid diminished capacity for learning.

ASPIRE: An Additional Wellness Resource for Students

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the ASPIRE office as an additional resource for their wellbeing. Offering academic support and intervention as well as private counseling services, ASPIRE can help student get where they want to be. It's free, confidential and open to all students. For more information about ASPIRE, visit their webpage.

Founders' Activity Center

The Founders' Activity Center includes a full-size basketball court, a multi-purpose space for free weights and cardiovascular exercise, men's and women's locker rooms and a lounge.

Campus Walking Tracks

Follow these helpful maps for walking paths around campus and to help keep track of distances.

1/4 mile walking track

1 mile walking track

Current Members of the Wellness Committee

Roberts, Dawn - Chair, Wellness Committee, Associate Dean

Griffith, Brian - Biomedical Sciences

Conley, Ginger - Aspire

Baker, Terry - CRC

Essig, Mary - Library

Evans, Belinda - Director

Kelso, Andy - HR

Landvoigt, Maple - Clinical Sciences

Lawrence, Carrie - Office of Business Affairs

Martin, Joyce - CRCH

Mitchell, Cameron - Class of 2026

Nazar, Andrea - Chair Clinical Sciences

Pankey, Christopher - Biomedical Sciences

Rubin, Art - Statewide Campus

Schaper, Dina - Clinical Sciences

Lange, Nicole - Class of 2026

Ligori, Gianni - Class of 2026

Norris, Mary - Assessment and Educational Development

Mann, Jocelyn - Statewide Campus

Phillips, Aaron - Assistant Dean