Study Space


Student Study Areas - Main Building

  • Quiet Study Areas:
    • Main Building Classrooms, Rooms B205 and B207

    • OCS Classroom, Room E124

    • Board Study Area for Year 2 Students - quiet conversation allowed

    • Library (quiet conversation allowed on main floor) and 24 hour Study Area

    • Third floor “B” Building, Room B306 Classroom (aka Multidisciplinary Lab)

  • Group Study Areas:
    • First floor "C" Building, Room C106 (aka Secret Garden)

    • Library 24 hour Study Area closed rooms

    • ​Tutoring Center , Room B217 (during non-tutoring hours)

  • Social Areas:
    • Kitchen area on first floor of "C" Building
    • Vendateria (Ground floor "B" Building, near Year 2 student mailboxes), Room B102
    • Student Lounge, Room B101

Student Study Areas - Alumni Center (when there are no events scheduled)

  • Group Study Area:
    • Hollowell Board Room

    • Main meeting room and wings

  • Social Area:
    • Lobby

Student Study Areas - Student Center

  • Group Study Area:
    • ​​​​​​​Prefunction area – except when reserved for events, second floor next to Conference Center
  • Quiet Study Area:
    • First floor, Room SC101​
  • Social Area
    • Lobby
    • Recreation Room

Student Study Areas - Tech Building

  • Quiet Study Area:
    • Lobby (quiet conversation allowed)
  • Use determined by class:
    • First and Second Year Classrooms

Rules Governing the Use of On-Campus Study Areas

In order to provide an environment conducive to learning and studying, it is expected that all students will uphold the following community standards for shared study space:

  • All students have equal access to study spaces with the expectation that room usage will be kept to four hour blocks;
  • No table, desk or room may be claimed as one's own;
  • Personal belongings must be removed when one leaves the study area;
  • Tables, desks, whiteboards and chairs must all be left in the study area, clean and ready for the next user;
  • Personal items may be removed by WVSOM administration if left unattended for an extended period of time. WVSOM is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items;
  • Food is permitted in study areas. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. Trash must be disposed of when you are finished and leave the area.
  • Personal coffee pots, microwaves, hot plates or space heaters may not be used.
  • Anything put on a white board may be erased by the next user. Keep copies of any diagrams or notes that you put on the board.
  • Some spaces are designated as quiet study areas at all times. This means:
    • All cell phones are to be kept on vibrate;
    • If you receive a phone call, please step outside the study area to talk;
    • Earphones must be used to listen to MP3 recordings, music, videos with sound, etc. The volume should be kept low enough for only you to hear; and
    • Group discussions should take place in one of the spaces designated for group study.

In all cases, students are expected to be considerate of their fellow students. If a student is leaving the premises for an extended period of time (longer than 10-15 minutes), they may not "hold" a space by leaving their belongings unattended. In other words, claiming a space as your own and "camping out" is strictly prohibited.