Office of Business Affairs

The Office of Business Affairs (OBA) administers the financial affairs of the school, including accounting, payroll, benefits, purchasing, shipping and receiving, accounts payable, inventory control and the cashier’s office.

Along with high academic standards, WVSOM maintains a high level of fiduciary responsibility. The school takes pride in its strong financial position and the ability to provide the necessary resources to maintain outstanding facilities and hire the best educators and support staff possible.

WVSOM is a state institution and falls under the jurisdiction of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. It receives revenue for its operating budget from state appropriations, student fees, private gifts and grant sources.

The OBA falls under the direction of David J. Meadows, MBA, Vice President for Finance and Facilities.

The Office of Business Affairs oversees the following financial service centers:

  • Accounting Office
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cashiers Office
  • Payroll & Benefits Office
  • Purchasing


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Cashiers Office

The Cashiers Office is responsible for accounts receivable, completing annual 1098T tuition tax forms, student billing, loan disbursements, and loan refunds, i.e. eRefund.

This office is also responsible for student loan management of the three in-house loans (i.e. Perkins, WV Medical Education, and Primary Care Loans), student loan deferments, as well as maintaining the low default rate on each of the in-house loan programs.

WVSOM works in conjunction with ECSI, Educational Computer Services, Inc., with the student loan programs, tax forms (1098T and 1098E), student loan exit interviews, eRefund, and many other services.

The Cashiers Office is also responsible for receiving all payments for WVSOM. This includes student tuition payments, acceptance fee deposits, and all other miscellaneous payments.

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You only need to consent for an Electronic 1098T one time. The consent will remain on file until you change your options. If you do NOT sign up by Dec. 31st, a paper copy will be mailed by January 31st (per IRS regulations) to the active mailing address you have in Banner.

Payroll & Benefits Office

The Payroll & Benefit Office provides employees information on pay, correct payroll errors, retirement, employee benefits, and other important pay and tax information, and on the features of the benefit plans offered by WVSOM.

Paycheck dates along with holiday schedules can be found on the Holiday and Payroll Calendars.

Office Hours

The Payroll / Benefits office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Payroll & Benefits Forms & Information