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Student Behavioral Resources

WVSOM meets the needs of students for confidential resources for behavioral healthcare services on a 24 hour per day 7 days a week ("24/7") basis. 

During regular business hours, students can contact or visit the ASPIRE office (http://www.wvsom.edu/Programs/ASPIRE-home):

Quad A-420
(304) 647-6324

After hours and on weekends

  • To be connected with the ASPIRE counselors and/or WVSOM faculty who are on-call, students can call (304) 520-5856. This line will most likely be answered by someone who is classified as a Responsible Employee under Title IX. If you wish to discuss a Title IX-related concern with someone who can keep this information confidential, please call the Family Refuge Center at (304) 645-6334.
  • Resources available to all WVSOM students

Behavioral resources are also available in all West Virginia counties in which Statewide Campus sites are located. Those resources are available here: