Honor Societies - Psi Sigma Alpha

Psi Sigma Alpha is a National Osteopathic Scholastic Honor Society. Membership is based solely upon scholastic achievement and members comprise the top 15% of each class.

Members are selected at the conclusion of their didactic training (Phase II) and full membership is awarded during senior week by the presentation of honorary medallions which may be worn during graduation ceremonies.

Those eligible for membership are notified via letter and are required to pay a fee of $25.

Student Representation - AOA Related Committees

There is student representation by appointment on AOA committees. Students who wish to become involved in AOA related activities should become members of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) – this group serves as a conduit for student interaction with the AOA. Additionally, students who are active in the WVSOM Student Government Association may be selected by the Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents to participate in functions related to the AOA.

To explore the information about the various committees of the AOA, students are encouraged to visit the AOA web site.

Meetings of the West Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association are held twice yearly, and students are invited to attend.

Student Representation on WVSOM Committees

Students are represented on committees which deal directly with the educational program and operation of the School. Examples of these are the Curriculum Committee and Financial Aid Committee. Additionally, two students are selected each year by the SGA senate to serve on the Residency Appeals Committee.

A student member is elected by the student body to serve on the WVSOM Institutional Board of Governors. Students are also invited to serve on the Social Justice and Cultural Diversity Committee.