Human Gift

For the Benefit of Future Generations

Choosing to donate your body for the purpose of medical education and research is a supremely compassionate gesture.

Donations can be made by an individual (over the age of 18) through self-registering or a donation can be made by an authorized family member or other designee after death.

The Human Gift Registry is a whole body donation program; organ donors cannot be whole body donors.

Simple Donation Process

The donation process is simple. Donating one's body does not require any special legal procedure or attorney's services, nor must your intention to donate be included in your will.

The completed, signed and witnessed Donor Registration Form is all that is required.

Donations made to the WVSOM Human Gift Registry are treated with the utmost respect and dignity, for both the donors and the families.

Benefits and Procedures

  • No cost to family for reasonable transportation within 200 miles or cremation charges.
  • Disposition of remains -- as indicated on the donor forms, the remains can be returned to a designated individual or interred in the mausoleum at the Rosewood Cemetery in Lewisburg, WV.
  • Annual Memorial Services are held each year to honor all donors from that year. Family and friends are invited to attend.

Brochure & Necessary Forms


Questions about the Human Gift Registry at WVSOM? Contact: 304-647-6208