Kris Stover, Ph.D.

Kris Stover, PhD

Kris Stover, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Biomedical Sciences

Office: A332 Main Building
Lab: J211
Phone: (304) 793-6598
Fax: (304) 793-6884

Education and Training

Postdoctoral Training
University of California, Irvine California
Field: Muscle Physiology and Mechanics

Doctor of Philosophy
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Field: Functional Morphology and Biomechanics

Masters of Science
College of Charleston, Grice Marine Laboratory, Charleston, South Carolina
Field: Marine Biology and Functional Morphology

Bachelor of Science
Ohio University, Honors Tutorial College, Athens, Ohio
Field: Biological Sciences

Research Interests

The Stover lab studies the physiology, structure and function of musculoskeletal systems, utilizing perturbations to investigate how different levels of tissue complexity interact to produce a functioning system. Stressors and perturbations such as aging, growth and disease, can impact bone and muscle development and structure. These changes may alter tissue mechanics, leading to variations in an organism’s locomotor biomechanics and overall performance. A variety of techniques are used to investigate these multi-level questions including histology, CT-scanning, and in-situ muscle preparations.

Another arm of ongoing research focuses on functional morphology and the mechanics of bipedal locomotion. Domestic species provide the opportunity to investigate evolutionary processes with some knowledge of the selective background. Certain commercial turkey strains have been selected for increased body mass and pectoral muscle mass. These birds are a useful model organism for exploring changes in bipedal locomotion. Using both kinetic and kinematic approaches, the effects of increased body mass and altered mass distribution on bipedal locomotion can be elucidated.

Awards and Honors

  • WV-INBRE (NIH, NIGMS) Research Equipment Grant (2020)
  • American Association for Anatomy, Visiting Research Scholarship (2020)
  • D. Dwight Davis Award, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (2018)
  • National Science Foundation, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology (2017, awarded but declined)
  • Aviagen Turkeys Inc. Communication Award, Excellence in Turkey Research (2015)
  • Poultry Science Association, Certificate of Excellence in Animal Well-Being and Behavior (2015)
  • Outstanding Marine Biology Graduate Student, College of Charleston (2012)
  • Sigma Xi Best Oral Presentation Award, GPMB Colloquium (2011)

Selected Publications

Current publication list available via Google Scholar: Stover Publications

  • Sleboda, D.A.,Stover, K.K., and Roberts, T.J. In Press. Diversity of extracellular matrix morphology in vertebrate skeletal muscle. Journal of Morphology.
  • Roberts, T.J., Eng, C.M.,Sleboda, D.A., Holt, N.C., Brainerd, E.L.,Stover, K.K.,Marsh, R.L. and Azizi, E., 2019. The multi-scale, three-dimensional nature of skeletal muscle contraction. Physiology, 34(6), pp.402-408.
  • KK Stover, EL Brainerd and TJ Roberts. 2018. Waddle and Shuffle: Gait alterations associated with domestication in turkeys. Journal of Experimental Biology. 221(15)
  • KK Stover, DM Weinreich, TJ Roberts and EL Brainerd, 2018. Patterns of musculoskeletal growth and dimensional changes associated with selection and developmental plasticity in domestic and wild strain turkeys. Ecology and Evolution. 8(6): 3229-3239
  • KK Stover, JV Sidote and SH Williams, 2017. An ontogenetic perspective on symphyseal fusion, occlusion and mandibular loading in alpacas (Vicugna pacos). Zoology. 124, 95-105
  • KK Stover, KG Burnett, EJ McElroy and LE Burnett, 2013. Locomotory fatigue during moderate and severe hypoxia and hypercapnia in the Atlantic Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus. The Biological Bulletin. 224(2): 68-78
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