The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)


The ORSP assists Principal Investigators (PIs) to initiate research projects.  The primary goal of the ORSP in terms of research is to ensure research is conducted ethically and safely, in compliance with the Federal Regulations or other laws/principles applicable to the research.  All research projects must be reviewed by the ORSP prior to initiating the project.  To have a project reviewed by the ORSP, complete the Research Initiation Request Form (ORSP-1).

How to have your research project reviewed and approved:

  1. Provide the completed ORSP-1 form to the ORSP for review.
  2. The ORSP may ask for further clarifications.
  3. The ORSP will provide a list of required trainings that must be completed in advance of starting the project.
    1. All personnel on a project (including students) MUST complete the CITI Conflict of Interest Training
    2. All personnel on a project (including students) MUST complete a Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  4. An email from the ORSP indicating Institutional approval (or not) for the project will be provided.

How do I procure these additional approvals?

  1. In the email from the ORSP, additional approvals such as IRB, IACUC, or IBC review and approval may be required (and stated).
  2. The appropriate Committee Chair(s) are copied on the email from the ORSP.
  3. The PI should contact the committee for information on how to provide a protocol application for review.

How do I add (or remove) personnel to my project?

  1. Email and request the person(s) be added to (or removed from) the project.
  2. Be sure to specify what role the person will have (this guides training requirements) and provide their contact information (email).
  3. The ORSP will confirm eligibility in terms of trainings, or provide a list of trainings required.
  4. Once the person is eligible to participate in the role specified for that project, the ORSP will send a confirmatory email to the person and the PI.

How do I request technicians/assistance for bench, clinical, educational, or other research projects?

  1. Send an email to requesting assistance and describing your wants.
  2. The ORSP may schedule a meeting to discuss.
  3. We have limited technical help, but we want to get you what you need.

PI Responsibilities

  1. Oversight and management of the project and all personnel, including ensuring compliance with federal regulations.
  2. Oversight of the budget and ensuring no overages.

Other projects that are scholarly activity may be conducted without ORSP approval.  However, completing the Non-Research scholarly activity form permits the people undertaking it to access WVSOM resources, when available.  If you are working with a student interest in dong a case study, literature review, QI or other scholarly activity, encourage them to complete the above form IN ADVANCE of them undertaking the activity.  This will allow them to request funding for travel or poster printing and WVSOM may include discussion of the activity in their MSPE letter.  

I have a non-WVSOM collaborator I would like to host on campus.

  1. You can do that!
  2. Read through the process for hosting a collaborator, here.
  3. Complete this form and return it to the ORSP

How do I know my Project is Research vs. Other Scholarly Activity?

Click on the links below for guidance regarding the difference between quality improvement and research projects and how to get started with each type of project.

QI/QA Guidelines

Scholarly activity flowchart

Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) supports WVSOM faculty, students and staff with preparation and management of research and grants projects. All grants or sponsored awards must be reviewed and approved by the ORSP prior to submission.  To have a grant or sponsored award reviewed by the ORSP, complete the Extramural funding request Internal Approval Form (ORSP-5) at least 5 business days prior to the submission deadline (preferably earlier). The ORSP assists with project and budget details including

  • Review and determine appropriateness of project for WVSOM including use of facilities and personnel
  • Ensure human and animal subjects are protected
  • Protect WVSOM’s intellectual property rights
  • Monitor any potential research conflicts of interest
  • Provide faculty development on the management and administration of individual research and grant projects
  • Guide the PI/PD to ensure compliance with Federal regulations, where applicable, or any other Sponsor required terms and conditions

Note: Management of, and compliance with, terms of a grant, sponsored award, or any external funding is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) or the Program Director (PD).

Planning on submitting a grant or sponsored award application and know well in advance?  The ORSP would appreciate (but does not require) a heads up for planning purposes.  Feel free to complete and submit the Heads up grant submission form (ORSP-3).  It does not obligate you to anything.