Parking & Accessibility

Image: WVSOM campus map

Parking Lot P10 is reserved for Media, catering and the Band.

Parking on Graduation Day

Parking is managed by state and local police with the assistance of WVSOM staff.  You will be directed to park in specific lots as you arrive (parking lots P4,  P6, P7, P8, P10, P12 ).  Parking lots closest to the ceremony will be filled first.

Handicap Parking

Parking lot P4 located by the Fredric W. Smith Science Building is reserved for disabled persons. Please indicate to the parking attendants if you need to park in the handicapped parking area and they will direct you to the reserved parking spaces.  Please note that WVSOM does not provide wheelchairs.

Reserved Seating Area

 A reserved area is provided for people who are disabled and in a wheelchair. 

Since we try to accommodate family members to sit with the disabled family member, it is essential that we know in advance who will be sitting in this area. 

To arrange accommodations for graduates or guests with disabilities, contact Deborah Harvey at or (304)647-6301. 


WVSOM Volunteers will be on-site to assist Guests and will be wearing nametags.