COVID-19 Employee Updates

January 12, 2022 Updates

  • Mask mandate on campus now requires KN95, KF94 or well-fitting surgical mask.
  • Convert all group administrative meetings to virtual.
  • All on campus meetings need to include social distancing and masks.
  • Social distancing required in O'cafe, masks when not eating.

Archived Updates

August 16 Updated Guidelines

Students, Faculty & STaff: General Campus Guidelines

  • Regardless of vaccination status - Wear masks indoors if occupancy of room exceeds posted number, all need to wear a mask (cloth mask is fine except where KN95 masks are noted) – Occupancy guidelines will be reposted.
  • Unvaccinated students, staff and faculty should wear a mask indoors (cloth masks are fine) at all times on campus, and outdoors when close to others. This includes the gym.
  • Masks for vaccinated students, staff and faculty are optional (except where noted above).

Faculty & Staff: Guidelines for Lectures, Labs, TBL and O'Cafe

  • As of Monday, August 16th - KN95 masks are required at all times in the lecture halls.
  • While lecturing, KN95 masks are required for unvaccinated faculty and optional for vaccinated.
  • When lecturing, faculty should stand behind plexiglass and/or wear face shield.
  • During TBL, all faculty and staff in the lecture hall will wear KN95 mask.
  • Unvaccinated faculty or staff who are in an office by themselves - should close their office door and can remove their mask.
  • O'Café staff who are actively interacting with individuals in the café are should wear masks at all times regardless of vaccination status.