Comlex Performance Evaluation Prep

1-Day PE Practice Exam

The Performance Evaluation (PE) Practice Examination is a one day program designed to evaluate readiness for the Comlex 2 PE Evaluation. The day begins with an orientation on the process and expectations of the day. Attendees will rotate through a series of 12 Standardized Patient Encounters. The encounters will be completed four at a time with a 15 min break and 45 min lunch break between.

All encounters are 14 minutes long with 9 additional minutes to complete the SOAP Note. The day is constructed as closely as possible to the National Board Procedures. Following the examination all attendees will receive detailed scores.

The 1 day Practice Exam differs from our 2 day PE Prep Course because it does not include individual instruction, feedback, reviews, lectures etc. All recommendations and information is sent after the program ends. This course is not recommended for PE Failures - please refer to the 2 day program.

The 1 day practice exam best serves attendees desiring to check their readiness, improve timing, and brush up on communication, history taking, physical examination, SOAP Note and OMT skills. Additionally, this program could benefit physicians as a refresher course.

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2-Day PE Prep Course

This 2 day comprehensive PE Prep Program provides attendees with intense, targeted, hands-on experiences to maximize existing and emerging skills necessary to the successful completion of performance type examinations.

Highlights of the program include:

  • OPP and communication instruction designed specifically for clinical performance type examination situations.
  • Individual and group experiences designed to identify students' strengths and weaknesses through performance reviews and critiques.
  • Numerous real-time standardized patient encounters with immediate feedback, video review and detailed individual assessment of key areas including: history taking, physical examination, OMT, SOAP notes, and communication skills.
  • Individual instruction and recommendations are given during the program which gives the attendee the opportunity to practice during cases the remainder of the day or the next day.

The PE Prep Program best serves attendees who have not passed the COMLEX PE Evaluation or an OSCE, who are struggling in an area or several of the key areas, or have not been exposed to or experienced standardized patient encounters. Additionally, this program could benefit physicians as a refresher course.

It is recommended that students schedule their COMLEX PE exam no sooner than two weeks after this program.  Our experience has shown that students need time to practice skills learned at the PE program.

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