Summer Reading Project

Each year, the incoming class at WVSOM reads a book together over the summer. The book always covers a medically-related topic but written for a popular audience. The books read in previous years were Being Mortal (Class of 2022), When Breath Becomes Air (Class of 2023), My Own Country (Class of 2024) and In Shock (Class of 2025). 

The book selected for the Class of 2026 will be announced by May 13, 2022, and members of the class will have until June 30 to read and respond to questions raised by the book – questions that were developed by WVSOM faculty members. Those same faculty members will be reading that essays for the class and giving feedback. 

During Orientation, members of the Class of 2026 will have a chance to further discuss the book with their new classmates and second year students.