Student Printing

The IT Department provisions specific network printers across campus for students to print academic related material.  Each student is allotted a specific amount of copies within an academic year for printing.  Once a student has exceeded this amount, they will be billed by the AR Department in May.  The student print count information is based on the individual student account used to log into the network when printing.  A student may inquire with the IT Help Desk to review their print count information throughout the academic year.

  • 7,000 Page Allocation, exceeded amounts will be billed by AR Department in May.
  • Color prints @ .08 and Black/White @ .05 per page
  • Special consideration should be given when printing PowerPoint presentations for color and the # of slides per page
  • Copies will be restricted to 1,250 and will require a login of Banner Student Id minus the @ symbol.  Once the threshold is reached a request for reset will need to occur after payment to AR Dept. $100 for every 1,250 thereafter.  First 1,250 are free!  250 copies are allowed on each color printer in Technology building, Library, and Student Center.
  • Color printers allow scan to email
  • Print Queues

Printing Page Count Illustration 

Installation Instructions for Student Printers

This document highlights the procedure to map network printers on campus for student use. This procedure must be performed while on campus and your computer must be successfully connected to the local network.

 Double Click the Map Printer icon located on the desktop.

After clicking the icon a window will appear asking for permission to run. Click “Run”

Type \\printserver\temp into the "Search programs and files" start menu bar

A command window will appear as the various print queues are mapped.  This window will close once the installation is complete.

Enter network username and password into the popup window.

If presented with a Connect to printserver dialog box enter your credentials. The user name field must begin with wvsom\ in addition to your normal account name. The second field will be the current password value. Enable the checkmark to the left of the text of “Remember my credentials” and click on the OK button.


A reboot of the laptop may be necessary in order to complete the installation.  Once the system has rebooted the various print queues should now be present and available to use.

Confirm that you want to run mapprinter.cmd.

When printing from an application, simply select the print queue of the desired printer.

Ignore the window behind the curtain.