Faculty Development Videos

    Faculty Development Video Resources can be found at one of two locations. 

    WVSOM Go to Stage Main Page Link:  This link will provide access to the most recent faculty development video resources.  When asked to log in just enter your name and your WVSOM email address.  You can scroll down to see the different videos available.  



    Links to Specific Videos

    Moving From Remote Teaching to Online Learning (June 2020)

    2019 Faculty Inservice How to Avoid Death by Lecture (Part 1)

    2019 Faculty Inservice  Group Session (Part 2)

    Conversations on Coaching (November 2019)

    Updates on EPA's in Medical Education (October 2019)

    Improving Lectures Through Peer Review (August 2019)

    Faculty In-Gathering 2019:  Building the Coaching Relationship

    Item Writing 201 (June 2019)