Academic Technology

The Office of Assessment and Educational Development supports the academic initiatives at WVSOM by offering a wide range of technical services incorporating academic technology into instructional activities.


For questions related to academic technology, please call Bridget Moore at (304) 793-6587 or

eMedley for Faculty

The chart below provides links to specific directions related to eMedley.  Column one provides the text guide in PDF format and column two will link you to a short video showing how to do the task in eMedley.  After clicking on the video link you will need to sign in using your name and your WVSOM email address.  These instructions are for WVSOM faculty and staff use only and do not apply to any other eMedley set-ups.  

Guide (PDF) Video
Signing in to eMedley  None
General Information and Quick Tools  
Color Coding for Calendar None
Subscribing to Calendar

Subscribing to Calendar

Viewing, Printing and Exporting the Calendar Calendar
Viewing Course Syllabi  
Posting Documents and Announcement in Courses  
Viewing or Searching Student Information  
Emailing the Class in eMedley  
Creating a Homework Assignment Homework
Grading Homework  
Searching for content using the Calendar Search with Calendar
Searching for content using eCurriculum Search with eCurriculum
Entering and Editing Session Outcomes Session Outcomes
Entering Disciplines and Core Competencies Disciplines/Competencies
Finding Faculty Evaluations in eMedley Finding Evaluations
Accessing Reports in Examn  
Search, View and Print Questions in Examn Search in Examn

Here is a link to the entire eMedley guide for WVSOM Faculty.  This can be printed if desired.  Faculty Guide to eMedley (text only)


Here is a link to all the eMedley Videos  Scroll down to the section labeled eMedley to view the videos related to various eMedley topics.  You may be asked to register, if so simply enter your name and WVSOM email address.

eMedley for Students

Click below to access the Student Guide to eMedley.  Additional information, including videos, can be found in eMedley under eMedley Training Year 1 and 2.  This guide is applicable only to WVSOM students.

Student Guide to eMedley (text)