Construction continues on WVSOM campus

The rumbling of jack hammers, the beeping of construction vehicles and the aesthetic changes on campus — they're all temporary inconveniences of the two construction projects taking place at WVSOM. But the result of all the construction will be well worth it once complete.

The expansion of the Clinical Evaluation Center (CEC) is underway, and nearly complete, with the exterior walls in place, said Will Alder, WVSOM's director of physical plant II. The HVAC units are operational, most of the electric has been installed and tiles have been laid on the floor. Workers will install carpet and apply final coats of paint on the walls in the last weeks of the project. Alder said the project is expected to conclude mid-October.

The Student Center construction began in June with groundwork continuously showing progress. Most recently, columns that help support weight for the second floor of the building have been erected. A concrete back wall has been set as part of the foundation of the structure. Workers will pour portions of the slab flooring in the next step of the project. The building's foundation is expected to be complete by winter. 

Earth and debris was moved to the WVSOM Park to prepare for a central approach to campus, which will intersect with Route 219 and allow greater visibility of WVSOM's main building.

"These new projects represent important opportunities for WVSOM, improving our capability to offer innovative medical education to future generations of students and enhancing our ability to bring people together for interprofessional education, alumni networking events, student fundraisers and more," said WVSOM President Michael Adelman, D.O., J.D.

The new Student Center, which will be the focal point of the campus, will have a clock tower and feature open and covered decks on the first and second floors. It will feature a café and a 1,000-seat meeting hall, complete with a stage and media center that can be divided into smaller rooms. There will be study areas with natural light designed to provide students with an enhanced study environment. Student Government offices, a game room and the bookstore will complete the building.