WVSOM students, medical residents present posters during seminar

Medical residents and WVSOM students presented 38 posters at the Mountain State Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions (MSOPTI) and student research poster competition during the WVSOM Alumni Association’s Mid-Winter Osteopathic Seminar.

Lance Ridpath, coordinator of institutional research, announced MSOPTI resident poster winners and Jandy Hanna, Ph.D., associate dean for research and sponsored programs, announced student poster winners during the alumni luncheon on Jan. 25. Individuals were recognized in research and case reports categories, with a people’s choice award also named. WVSOM student and employee winners are in bold:

Student research category:

  • First place — Jon Mitton, OMS II; MdT. Islam; J. Tucker; J. Cai; V.R. Gogulamuci; W. Zhu, Ph.D.; A.J. Donato, Ph.D.; and L.A. Lesniewski, Ph.D. “Genetic deletion of endothelial cell Arf6 results in systemic insulin resistance in mice”
  • Second place — Reina Lopez, OMS IV, and Rebecca Scopa Kelso, Ph.D. “May the loading force be with you: the association between femoral neck and knee angles with bipedal walking”
  • Third place — Nimrah Imam, OMS IIDavid Nye, OMS II; and Maple Landvoigt, M.D. “Screening for childhood wheezing by parental report in southern West Virginia”

Student case report category:

  • First place — Madeleine Gwinn, OMS II. “Bilateral exertional compartment syndrome with endoscopic fasciotomy surgical intervention in a high school athlete: a case study”
  • Second place — Kacy Harmon, OMS IIJasmeen Guron, OMS IIEric Lucas, OMS II; and Peter Ward, Ph.D. “Split cord malformation: anatomical presentation in a cadaver”
  • Third place — Ashley Gebo, OMS III; J. Hunter, D.O.; and M. Iannetti, M.D. “The window period: how an asymptomatic, suicidal patient gets a diagnosis of acute hepatitis”

Student people’s choice category:

  • Matthew Tilley, OMS IIAmanda Hatcher; P.D. Chantler, Ph.D.; and Shinichi Asano, Ph.D. “Perivascular adipose tissue mediated aortic reactivity pilot study: female lean and obese Zucker rats”

Resident case study category:

  • First place — Crystal Karlo, D.O., PGY I, and Brittanie West, D.O. “Treatment of low back pain utilizing OMT: a case study”
  • Second place — Michael Gray, D.O., PGY I, and Kimberly Ballard, D.O. “Continuity of care in FM in multiple healthcare settings”
  • Third place — Chelsea Ferger, D.O., PGY I; Janet Kowalsky, D.O., PGY I; Jocelyn Ford, FNP-BC; and Victoria Shuman, D.O., FACFP. “Post-surgical pain in the pediatric patient: an osteopathic case presentation”

Resident people’s choice category:

  • Hannah Mick, D.O., PGY I, and Amy Brown, D.O. “Stevens-Johnson Syndrome”
Date Added: 
Wednesday, February 19, 2020