Capital Campaign

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine's first ever capital campaign launched in 2012 during the school's 40th Anniversary celebration.

The president articulated the school's strategic priorities as an innovative institution of osteopathic medicine serving a critical – and growing – national need for primary care physicians.

"If we want WVSOM to continue to meet the expanding health care needs of West Virginia citizens and beyond, then a campaign like this is a necessity," said Dr. Adelman. "Our vision for the school and the invaluable service it provides is no less than the vision of our original founders. And that requires resources."

Technology is moving the world faster and farther than once thought possible. Institutions of higher learning must continue to transform the inherited approaches to education in order to meet those challenges.

"WVSOM has always had a culture of collaboration and teamwork that is at the heart of what makes this school great," Adelman expanded. "The new facilities being constructed – the enhancements for the Clinical Evaluation Center and the new Student Center – these are more than brick and mortar structures. They are the breeding ground for future accomplishment."

Over the past forty years, the passion and support of students, faculty, alumni and friends have helped to elevate WVSOM into the top ranks of osteopathic education. As the nation's healthcare environment transitions into the 21st century, growing ever more complex and interconnected, WVSOM plans to be there, preparing future physicians to serve patients with the utmost in scientific knowledge coupled with compassion.

Current Projects

WVSOM needs your help to ensure the following projects are fully funded:

  • Clinical Evaluation Center
  • Student Center

Your Help is Needed

We welcome everyone who has a love for WVSOM and a vision of its future impact to be a part of the construction of these two important facilities. Gifts of every amount are values and there are many prestigious naming opportunities for organizations and individuals who desire to leave a lasting legacy in health care education or to honor the memory of a loved one.

To discuss a gift opportunity, please contact Heather Antolini at (304) 647-6374 or: