Image: WVSOM campus in the fall

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine is a nationally ranked, award winning medical school with a world class reputation. At WVSOM, we do one thing and we do it very well—we educate osteopathic physicians who are trained in all areas of medicine.

From the cutting-edge-technology that provides a 21st century medical education and skills, to the dedicated faculty who are available to prepare and assist students to become excellent physicians, it is the "we are a family" philosophy that makes us unique. Come and explore WVSOM  as we provide you with a brief glimpse of what you will experience as part of our family.

Family Atmosphere

Our students know we care about them and their success. Whether it is the concern and follow-up of the admissions department, the faculty committed to each student's learning, the personal attention to students by administration and staff, or the family atmosphere, each student at WVSOM knows that they are in a unique environment.

Image: WVSOM Students play touch football on the lawn

Osteopathic Medical Education is our Passion

While geared toward primary care and rural medicine, WVSOM carefully constructs the curriculum to prepare students to be able to enter residency programs in any specialty, in any setting.

The comprehensive coverage of basic and clinical sciences, the clinical training in hospitals and clinics, opportunities to participate in research and extensive training in diagnostic skills through early patient contact, provide a solid medical foundation, all based on osteopathic manual manipulation.

Osteopathic medical education provides everything you need to become a fully competent physician plus more!

The hallmark of the osteopathic philosophy is its perspective on treating the patient as a whole person—an integrated, complex and finely tuned instrument—which results in a more holistic approach and a focus on preventive medicine.

Osteopathic medicine also includes training in OMM (osteopathic manipulative medicine), where osteopathic physicians use their hands to help diagnose injury and illness and to encourage the body's natural ability to heal itself.