Office 365 ProPlus Installation Guide for Windows & Mac

To gain access to Office ProPlus, log in to your Office 365 WVSOM Organizational Account using your <wvsom username> and your WVSOM password at or follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Office 365 Organizational Account at
    1. Username: <wvsom username>
    2. Password: WVSOM Password
  2. Choose Settings from the top-right menu
  3. Choose Office 365 Settings
  4. Choose Software
  5. The page will default to the "Office" options.  Click the Install button to install the last version of Office.
  6. Choose Run or Save
  7. The streaming installation will begin.
  8. A video will display to explain the new features of Office 365 ProPlus.  While the video plays, the installation will continue in the background until the software has been fully installed.  You can use the basic features immediately, but do not go offline or restart your computer until the installation is complete.