Check the Number of Remaining Office Installs and Deactivate Installs

You can manage your Office 365 Enterprise 3/ProPlus subscriptions online through your WVSOM Microsoft Organizational account. From the management interface, you'll be able to see how many devices you have installed the software on and deactivate any licenses that are no longer in use. You are allotted a total of 5 licenses.

  1. Log in to your Office 365 Organizational Account at .
    Username: your email address before the “@”
    Password: same as mywvsom, email, Moodle, etc.
  2. Choose Settings from the top-right menu
  3. Choose Office 365 Settings.
  4. Choose Software.
  5. The page will default to the "Office" view.
    1. To deactivate a computer, choose "deactivate" next to the device that is no longer in use.
    2. See "Remaining installs available" for details about the remaining number of licenses available. You are allowed up to 5 active installations.