Purchasing / Procurement

The Contract/Purchasing Office is a customer service oriented department dedicated to providing effective means to procure required goods and services for the School in a timely, legal and ethical manner at the best value to the School and community.

The Contract/Purchasing Office offers support to faculty and staff in a prompt, efficient and effective manner with the acquisition of goods and services in compliance with The State of West Virginia Code, Higher Education Policies and Procedures and WVSOM Board of Governors.

Purchases between $5,001 and $25,000

Competitive bids are required for purchases less $25,000.

Quotes from three (3) vendors should be obtained; if not possible at least obtain two (2) quotes.

Purchases over $25,001

Bids for all competitive purchases over $25,000 will be obtained by the Contracts/Purchasing Office. Spending Units must complete a Banner Requisition and submit through the approval process to Purchasing.

The requisition must include, complete specifications, a minimum of three suggested vendors, the fund/or/account numbers and the organizational managers approval.

Requisitions over $25,000 require formal written bids. The Contracts/Purchasing Office must obtain sealed written competitive bids. All bids are posted on the Purchasing Office bulletin board and an ad will be placed in at least one local newspaper fourteen (14) days prior to the bid opening date. Bids will be opened by the Contracts/Purchasing Office staff in the presence of a witness on the date and time stated on the request for bids.

After the bids are opened they will be forwarded to the originating department for evaluation and recommendation for award. Once awarded, a purchase order is processed for proper signature and forwarded to the vendor and other departments in the School.

Normal turnaround time for requisitions over $25,000 is forty-five (45) to sixty (60) days.

However, please try to submit your requisitions sixty (60) to ninety (90) days in advance of the time from which you want delivery of goods or services.

Orders not submitted within the time needed to meet specific deadlines WILL NOT be given special treatment and will be processed within the routine purchasing time frame.


The following forms are available in Microsoft Excel format:

Purchasing Process and Bid Limits

Purchases should be made using the State P-Card

For purchases less than $5,000 that are not eligible for the purchase card, prepare a Banner Requisition and submit for approval.

Contact Information

Contracts/Purchasing Office
Room A220-A221
2nd. Floor – Main Building (Quad Bldg. A)
400 Lee Street, N Lewisburg, WV 24901


Betty Baker
Director of Contracts
A-220-A (Quad Building-A)
304-793-6873 (Direct)
304-647-6375 (Fax)
800-356-7836, Ext 6873 (Toll Free)

Jennifer Freeman
Purchasing Assistant III
Room A 221-A (Quad Building-A)
304-647-6249 (Direct)
304-647-6375 (Fax)
800-356-7836, Ext 6249 (Toll Free)

Sue Morgan
Purchasing Assistant
A-220-B (Quad Building-A)
304-647-6250 (Direct)
304-647-6375 (Fax)
800-356-7836, Ext 6250 (Toll Free)